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What superhero movie gives you goosebumps whenever you watch it?

Oh my there are just too many superhero movies that have given me goosebumps over the years but honestly I think the one that really hit home with me was Avengers 3.

Come on!!! In the first 10 minutes of the movie, we see the Hulk go one on one against Thanos who at the time only had on infinity stone, but still get his ass handed to him. If that didn't give people goosebumps then I honestly don't know what will!!!

Next up we see Loki attempt to kill Thanks then right before he gives up the ghost, he drops the iconic line "You will never be a god", then Thanos drops his lifeless body on the ground and honestly his face looked creepy, kind of like how Geoffrey looked when he choked on the poison that was in his drink.

It doesn't end there, we watch Gamorra fight Thanks and successfully kill him, at that point I was like "wow so this is where the movie ends??" only to realise that he was actually just using the reality stone to make her think that she'd killed him. I got goosebumps when I realised that he'd already gotten the stone and there was nothing any of the Guardians could do to stop him.

Next up is when Thor comes to the battlefield with Storm Breaker in hand and takes out like a hundred of those creepy alien things in on fell swoop. As he screamed "Bring me Thanos!!!!" I could literally feel the goosebumps emanating from my face down to my feet, it was epic!!!!

Oh but let's not forget when Thor threw Storm Breaker into Thanos's chest then pushed it deeper into his chest, only for Thanos to look him in the eye then say "You should have gone for the head" then snap his fingers and eradicate half of all life in the universe. I was awestruck when I saw Spiderman fade away in Stark's arms.

Finally, the scene that gave me goosebumps the most was when Gamorra was laughing at Thanos for not having anybody that he loved to throw off the cliff but then he looks at her and I could literally see the pain in his eyes because he knew she was the only thing he loved. I mean like here was this big scary guy who wiped the floor with Thor and The Hulk and was trying to eliminate half of the universe but he was tearing up at the thought of sacrificing Gamorra because even though he was a monster, he still had a heart.

I could go on and on about different superhero movies that have given me goosebumps but I guess I'll end it here. Thanks for the question!!!


Don't know whether it is said or not. A scene which tells about human instinct. A couple of person far from our planet earth, in some other cosmic system looking through some livable planet with the goal that humankind won't pass on. They are the last seek after survival of human race. At that point a scene delineates one of the clouded side of human instinct.

This is a scene from motion picture 'Interstellar' where Cooper and Dr. Mann are battling. Dr. Mann indicating one of the clouded side of human instinct, being SELFISH, and attempting to slaughter Cooper. On the opposite side cooper is battling to return to earth to his youngsters, demonstrating the brilliant side of human instinct LOVE. The scene is so very much coordinated by Nolan and epic music by Hans Zimmer in foundation make it a scene, to consider us.

Far from home, regardless of what we found, what we accomplish, despite everything we cannot overlook the essential qualities of human instinct. We were battling, a scene to make us think, regardless of how great we are from inside, how much good deeds we do, there is as yet an evil spirit inside us which make us to battle for pity things. On earth, we battle for land, for a few materliastic things, execute for cash yet Mann and Cooper were far from every one of these things and still they discover motivation to slaughter one another.

A scene which make us see that how terrible we have moved toward becoming. All we know is to battle, to murder one another and for what? There are a few issues which need to get settled like in the middle of Mann and Cooper. Mann could have come clean and they together can get once more from that point. In any case, at that point other clouded side, another evil presence of human wins inside Mann, that was his egotism, pride which make him lie so he doesnt appear a quitter.

Its solitary these evil presences which are inside us. Making us to murder one another. Battling for each one of those things which at last will be here as it were. Murdering a human for pride, respect, materialistic things, cash and each one of those precious things. This is the scene which influence me to acknowledge how terrible we people have progressed toward becoming.


For me it's definitely going to be the series called SMALLVILLE that aired from 2001 till 2011. Actually the reason why this television series gives me goose bumps is because they manage to revitalize the super heroes series of superman which was only on cartoon in the late 1990s till the early 2000s and then smallville came in 2001 and swept everybody away, the things about this series is that it lasted for ten seasons and prior to the starting of the series no one knew who the lead actor TOM WELLINGS (superman/clark Kent) and the way he managed to key into the superman script made me wonder if he really wasn't born for that role he played.

The creators managed to mix Clark Kent's life on earth with his kryptonite life as well and the most creative part was how they managed to coin his life story on earth for ten seasons without using the original superman story by Dc's Jerry Siegel. The conspicuous lifestyle of Lex Luther and how he managed to be part of superman's life in smallville from when he was developing his power in season one to the heroes of metropolis.

It is a beautiful superhero series that contains the thrill, the action the love story and the intrigues. I love the fact that they never lost an audience despite the fact that it was a ten series season the entertainment continued till the very end. It's definitely smallville for me.


Spider-Man 2, starring Tobey Maguire

Goosebump-inducing scenes are:

1. Spidey fights hard to stop the runaway train so that hundreds of innocents will not crash to their deaths. He strains himself so hard to stop the train, that he passes out from the sheer effort. Just as he is about to fall off, the passengers grab him and carry his unconscious body in. As the majestic score plays in the background, they stare at his unmasked face in wonder, remarking that he is really just a young boy, bearing such a huge burden.

2. Peter decided that he would be Spider-Man no more, as it was taking a toll on his well-being and life. While helping his aunt May with house moving, she lamented that Spider-Man has dropped out of public view. In front of Peter, she explained why heroes were important. They inspired hope in the people around them. As she looked knowingly at Peter, she said, "I believe there's a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams.” These words seemed to awaken something in Peter, who realised that he could not give up being Spider-Man.