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Does Musing have diverse custodians for various subjects? Assuming no, do you figure it should?
It may be before long be the situation as the substance made develops and increasingly more had practical experience inside and out answers are made that Musing should search for caretakers spent significant time in territories of their mastery. What do you think?

I'm guessing you're asking if this platform (musing.io) have curators that attend to various niches like science, philosophy, religion or issues pertaining the blockchain ? well I can't see if they have got it or not (curators based on niche) but one thing I can say is that they have a curating pattern with which they actually vote or reward people on every contribution that is why when you visit every post that have been voted by them you would see that the best answers actually get the best vote followed by the second to the first down to the least.

I would rather say they need to adopt this system because having curators based on niches, because if they don't, then in the long run the rewarding process may become too slow.

It may also have some negativites too, some particular curators are not not around or I'm not available at the moment to vote that means that every post based on their niche would be left out so even if they want to maintain a niche based curating system, then they will have to employ more curators, which may actually compromise the cost of payment to the actual number of curators considering the fact that the price of steem is low.

however if you ask me I think it will be best for them to adopt this kind of system that is if they are not using it already because it will make contributions get their actual reward and not more or less than it deserves, it will make the job easier because when a curator has a niche which they are focused on then decorating process wouldn't even be difficult because they can scan through a contribution and pick out relevant points and move on to the next contribution very faster because they are conversant and have a knowledge of the niche.

Apart from this having curators based on their niches will also help the platform itself cover a whole wide range of contributions without having to waste much time and it will add a spark of professionalism to the platform, it means that they will be raising the standard to which they will accept contributions and as a result of these people would have just how they answer questions on this platform and ask questions as well in a nutshell it will increase quality and decrease spam