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We don't generally win, So how would we handle misfortunes?


Think about the time you had things going n smoothly and great for you.

Think about the times you were happy

Think about the times everything went out as planned and you were successful.

Write out and document those things you are grateful for.

And if you think there is nothing, you should be grateful for life, for internet and for every other thing you have that money cannot buy.

Think on those things and think about the people who don't have those privileges as you do and simply be happy.


@Masud91, In my opinion, we should understand one thing and that is, life is a phase of Experience and we should not too much focus upon winning or losing inturn we have to learn from the experiences to attain the expansion. Stay blessed. 🙂


That is something we all would like to know but it is hard to achieve. Usually when we are loosing we right away focus on getting back from where we've started and thus make mistake.

All say that we should have patience, get back to our system and soon will get at the same level if we have the rights system and strength to wait for that too happen.

Bus as humans, we are week and psychologically we are trying to win back after a loose and end up loosing more. If we can have that clear in our mind maybe we have a chance but if we are hunger for adrenaline probably we cannot stop and will end in more deep into red.

So, my advise is to take a break when looses are happen and just switch to something else until we are psychologically prepared to resume our system.


Misfortunes can be classified to one not actually putting all effort to completion of a project, work or what have you and most times we classify them as been linked to spirituality that the world is against us.

Well, personally I think if we actually put in more effort to activities we do, the term or word misfortune won't be that common to us.

Try ensuring that we take activities seriously and even when we face problems, we shouldn't classify them as misfortune but rather try to look back as to what led to it.

And make amendment to the needs

After all, only a fool continue to do same thing over and over and expect a different result


When I face misfortune and find the courage to take care of it, there is a dynamic following which the unfortunate become happier and the happy more grateful. They feel everything they can do. They do not say in a resigned way: It's like that, we can not help it.

Much of the misfortune we know comes from men. This forces us to think politically and fight for justice, for the place of children, the elderly and the sick, against hunger, against AIDS. We humans can accomplish many positive things with the means and my opportunities that make weapons and wars possible. We can use the same means for other purposes, for better purposes. It is not enough to ask, "Why does my God exist? We should also ask, "What is my part in all this and how can I change the situation? And again: "To what restriction, to what renunciation am I disposed so that something changes? "


View it through the frame of “failure,” getting discouraged.

OR extract the lessons and feedback, and integrate them for a consciously-adjusted approach for the next learning cycles.