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Who do you using musing.io?
Now i know. Questions and answers systems associated with the Steem. First of all, I am happy that the steam is activated. On the other hand, I have many question. What is the great attraction of this system? Reward? Posting? The accumulation of knowledge? Tell me about the efficiency you felt using this.

There are several reasons why I spend majority of my time on the blockchain here at Musing.io.

First, I enjoy answering questions more than blogging. Not everyone on the Steem blockchain are bloggers. Some, like me, enjoy answering questions, others probably like taking pictures and just posting them, while others enjoy creating memes. So, its just a matter of finding your place in the entire ecosystem. This is actually one of the great things about the Steem Ecosystem in general--the fact that its a network of different DApps and websites that cater to different kinds of user-generated content. There's basically a place for everybody. 

I just happened to think mine is here at Musing.io because I like answering questions. In fact, I've been answering questions at Quora and Yahoo Answers even before I heard about the Steem Blockchain. So, it just makes sense that I can transfer my activity from those sites over to Musing.io where I can contribute in a way that is easier for me, than compared to Steemit.com or in other DApps. 

Second, better rewards. Let's face it. One of the reasons why a lot of people are in the blockchain is for the possibility to getting crypto rewards. And, as I've experienced for myself in the past two months, Musing.io is currently one of the most generous when it comes rewarding quality contributions. So, when I spend a little more time and exert a little more effort answering a question, I don't feel like I'm wasting my time and effort. 

Third, I like that Musing.io's manual curation system is difficult to game or manipulate. I have two major complaints when it comes to Steemit.com and other DApps. One, is the fact that with Steemit.com, the entire system has been overcome with bot activity, such that there are times when the only interaction I have are with bots--how sad, right? And two, is that some DApps use algorithms to reward user contributions and prevent bad actors from gaming the system. Unfortunately, these same algorithms have also penalized legitimate users by limiting their contribution rewards. Until these issues can be resolved, I am discouraged from increasing my activity on these DApps and websites. 

However, the situation is completely different here at Musing.io. Because Musing.io uses a manual curation system, they are better equipped to stop bad actors, without penalizing contributions by legitimate users. And because human beings are still the best judge of quality compared to bots, I am encouraged to increase my activity and improve the quality of my contributions because I feel like I can trust their system more. 

And finally, potential. Personally, Musing.io is one of the DApps to watch in the blockchain. Consider that Quora is the #93 website worldwide, as ranked by Alexa on October 2018, and has reported a total of 300 million monthly users last September. Now, imagine if Musing.io can convert just a fraction of those 300 million users over to the Steem Blockchain. It not only means massive growth for the platform, but also a possible gateway to mass adoption for Steem. It's a tall task, for sure, but it's not impossible. As I mentioned in a previous Musing.io answer, there is a gap to be filled among Q&A Platforms, which Musing.io could easily address. Now, wouldn't you want to be on the ground floor of a site like that?

So, that's why I like using Musing.io. Granted, the site is not perfect. It still has some ways to go before it can be as big or as popular as today's top Q&A Platform, but it certainly has the foundations to get there. So, while I'm waiting for that, I'll just be here answering questions. 

Hope this helps.


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Musing.io attract my interest because this platform can be a source of knowledge besides Google. I often find out something by searching on Google. When I don't get satisfying information I need a place to ask that can answer my question. Musing.io is the place, where I can ask questions that disturb my mind or help to answer questions of friends on this platform.

In musing.io, I found a place to help people by answering their questions as much as I could.

In addition, the reward is the second number. I help to answer questions on this platform. If that is a good answer, the moderator will give me a reward in the form of upvote. But it was not my main goal to join here.



The reason I'm using and active in musing.io is:

1. Produce Cryptocurrency (STEEM / SBD from upvote)

It  can't be denied anymore, and I also won't lie that my main goal in  Musing.io is to get additional income from asking / answering questions.  1% - 10% of 1 million SP is enough to increase income in the STEEM network.

Even so, this is not the only goal I am active in musing.io yan I will mention in the list below.

2. I can help others

By answering the questions given by someone well, at least I can give them a little insight / knowledge.

3. I can ask whatever I want to know

Well, another advantage is that I can ask whatever I want to know. Honestly, I can get various super interesting answers from various members here.

4. Do you want to do a survey? Please do it

Actually  this is an idea from me personally, because businesses can use  musing.io as their survey material (if they want to get the right and  fast data).

5. Everything is recorded in the blockchain FOREVER

I  am very happy to share knowledge with others, and I am relieved that  all good things (answers / questions) can be recorded forever on the  blockchain network, and this means I have done good for future  generations.

In  essence, musing.io is a complete and very interesting place to explore  because there is a variety of knowledge posted every day. 


Well,because it offers us a better income opportunity and also help us to explore different ideas. Musing.io is place a for the inquisitive minds.It is fun to be here and if you know how to throw or answer a question then it is a very productive place to spend your free time.

Yesterday I earned $1.31+$0.43 just by asking two questions.Where I made a blog in Steemit which earned only $0.30.

Now if you are wise enough then you have the answer.    


I am not the most active user in musing platform, but I would still consider myself as someone who spends a considerable amount of time answering questions and sometimes asking questions, as well.

 Firstly, I like sharing my knowledge about topics that I trust myself with. I find it nice when others share what they think, correct me, or show their perspectives. As everyone knows, knowledge is infinite, and a good quality platform would make it a lot easier to get some part of that knowledge in a more quickly way. Musing does exactly that. You can ask specific or broad questions, see what others have asked, and how people have answered.

Secondly, if you like someone's answer or question, you can show your appreciation by giving them an upvote. This will motivate people, who will keep the platform as it is. This works the other way as well: if people like your answers, they give you upvotes, and that motivates you as well.

Lastly, not only the people, but the platform itself supports you as well. Musing gives a lot of upvotes, which attracts more users in return. When I got my first upvote from musing, it made me so happy, even though the amount I won wasn't that much.


I'm a loudmouth know-it-all who likes to man-splain things to people. 

Never do something you're good at for free, they say. 

Well, Musing provides quite nice motivation to put up with terrible questions, and beat two birds with one stone, educate people, and make money.


This is my first day to know about musing.

I first know about this system of answer & question.

I felt its impact. Its causes enlarge your knowledge.

When a question appear on your mind you can easily answer that.

Another thing is that its reward system that causes attraction so steemian are attracted & give their opinion.