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Would you rather have a stress free job with low pay or a super stressful job that pays high?

I would rather work on myself for myself to the world.

I don't need a stressful job because I would have a line of people working for me who would ensure everything gets done with no stress on my part.

And sure I would have lots and more than enough money to pay all my employees and even give stipends.

Life is what we make of it.

You don't have to be given two options to choose one out of it.

If you don't like the option given, please feel free to change the option.


None. To me, some of these jobs makes you stress on them and life after job is not considered by them. If its a job that have plans for life after job, cool. I prefer to stress on my own business and earn big with time. Also, no job is easy. There's always a measure of stress to be felt. So , nothing like stress free job there. Like answering this question with my phone, lying on the bed, positioning my hands in a certain way, thinking this answer etc...stress!!! Lol. Then , I want to state that a good stress comes with reward...haha. what do you think? Like worrying is bad stress. I end my answer here before I divert too much...lol #stress


I pray against any form of accident in my life. I don't want to die by accident either car, flight or water. All I want is just to sleep in my room at my house and not to wake up. I think this is the best form of death.


I pray and I hope to die when I am doing good deeds which is more beloved to God and I wish the location of my death should be a sacred place like Meccah.

The sad fact about this is that death is unpredictable and we don't actually know when and where we are going to die but the best we can do is to keep preparing for the hereafter before death strikes us. The best way to achieve this is to keep doing good to others and stay steadfast in the worship of your lord.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Quisiera morir de manera rápida y sin sufrimiento. Me gustaría morir en mi cama, mientras duerma, de un infarto fulminante. No me gustaría sufrir en una cama de hospital, padecer día  adía un sufrimiento y ver a mis padres sufrir conmigo. La muerte no es un problema, porque si hay algo seguro en esta vida, es justamente la muerte. El problema es la enfermedad, que te va deteriorando  física y mentalmente. A veces no solo es que estás postrado en una cama, sino que no abres los ojos y solo vives porque estás conectado a unos aparatos.

Por eso creo que una muerte ideal sería una fulminante, sin que haya dolor. Si Dios me diera la oportunidad de escoger, le pediría eso: Que la muerte venga a mí y yo ni la sienta. 


In my sleep.

I'm old and gray. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have just visited home to celebrate my birthday.

I just clocked 100 years.

So, everyone is happy. I bless each one and I give my semi-toothless grin. I decide to rest; it's been a little too exciting for old me.

I am still in my party dress and my husband, who is over 100 years, mocks me about how I'm acting old. I remind him that he is older.

I decide again to rest and ignoring my husband's taunting, I go to bed, still with my party dress. I am drifting off when I feel my husband get into bed behind me. I chuckle and call him an old man.

I drift off... I drift off.

Yes. I die in my sleep, hopefully my husband gets to rest with me too.

It's been a long life.


Did you change your question?

Coz people gave different answer than this question.

BTW I would choose to get low pay, rather stressful job. I hate stress. I already have lots of stress in my life, no need to add much.

Thanks for asking.