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Why do people argue over the powers of comic book superheroes when in fact they are just an imagination of writers?


Why are you copy pasting the question which was asked before by other with every word same and it has not happened just once. Questions after questions asked by you are already asked by someone and that to with every word same.  It can never be a coincidence in any manner. You are making deliberate attempt to degrade this platform. Put simply, you are spamming this platform. Shame on you @maxipad. 

Reference- https://musing.io/q/sidraww333/p35f9pd25

I request musing curation team to look into this matter seriously. It has not just happened only once. There are some people who are trying to degrade this platform and trying to test the resilience of musing team. 

The general tendency of such people to copy and paste the old questions are :-

  • They do check the popular tags as the popular tags like cryptocurrency, blockchain, steem, steemit do get curated most of the time.
  • From those popular tags they choose those question which have been already upvoted by musing team. Their plan is that if they ask the same question it will again be endorsed by musing team.
  • These people are not dealing with single account rather managing it from multiple accounts and from time to time they spam this platform.
  • The tendency of spam is to the extent that, not just the question but the additional description of the question also matches with the previous with every word same and in the same sequence too.

 I urge the musing team to take strict action against these people, else these people will continue testing your patience & resilience. They will continue consuming the resources and make this place a junk place. 


Kind of like religions... 🤣


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Why do we even argue with theoretical mathematical concepts when in fact those are also fiction until we find a way to apply them? It's to keep extending the pool of knowledge with our universe. It's the same progress we do when we aim to extend the universe of the characters in comics. It's fiction but there are some instances that some abilities can be grounded to reality. Like electricity from one villain give a hero with water powers have a hard time fighting. 

The more rational explanations on what these powers are and what they could possibly do, the more possibilities can be put on the table. The direction of these powers build personality to a character even in fiction. Let's say, element of Fire, why would it this element not fit to a character who has a chill attitude? wouldn't it be better to place this on a superhero that has a hot temperament? 

Powers are just one aspect of the world building. People can argue about it but it's the creative process that is actually taking place and engagement with the story they enjoy that's happening. It's a form of expressing interest. When was the last time you enjoyed discussing quadratic equations with someone at school? now observe some math enthusiasts go at arguing the same topic with passion. It's perspective. 


They want to catch fun.


Because they love comic. It doesn't have to be real in other for one to have a meaningful conversation about a certain thing. Take fiction for example, we have workshops where people read and analyse stories made up by another person. The thing is if you like or enjoy something it will consume your mind and thoughts. And for me its perfectly okay whatever people choose to talk about.


Because it's fun to engage in thought experiments based on things we enjoy. 

I'm sure a religious person enjoys thinking about their gods awesome powers even that god might be a fiction to the same extend a comic book hero is.

At least fans of Batman don't use their hobby to excuse killing people...

well... Except for that one time.


The hero is an archetype. The archetypes are asleep in the collective unconscious, but they are traces that stimulate the human being to remember that people by nature are of human essence. And definitely being "human" is that power that gives you life to make possible the wonder of living daily.

We are superheroes, and one of our powers is imagination and fantasy. So we fight every day to conquer supreme powers to deal with the reality of every day.

It seemed to me that this is an excalent question.