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D you think learning to swim is important for every human?
I have attempted a few times yet I couldn't finish figuring out how to swim. Up until now in the event that I fall inside water, I can get by for couple of mins. Other than that it is very troublesome for me to swim. Do you think it is essential to get the hang of swimming?

Yes, I believe swimming is a life skill that everyone must learn. It is not necessary to be like the Olympic medalist swimmers who are masters when it comes to swimming but I believe basic knowledge and knowing how to swim is very important. 

  • First, because it will help you in times of need. It can make a difference between you dying or continue living. If you drown and there is no person who can help you, knowing how to swim is your way to survive. If you know how to swim, you can save yourself from drowning.  You will never know when the time comes that you will need it so in order to make sure you are safe, swimming is an important skill to learn.
  • Second, you cannot enjoy going to bodies of water better if you do not know how to swim. For example, you are having a trip to the beach with your friends, you have an underlying fear of going to far because you are afraid you might drown. 
  • Third, in connection to number one it is useful for emergency purposes. In times of emergency, if you do not know how to swim and a person is drowning, you cannot save him or her because you also do not know how to swim. You could have saved another man's life.
  • Fourth, for other purposes such as recreational purposes. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Though, you can do other forms of exercises, I think learning to swim can also help you be healthy and fit.

Swimming is a life skill necessary to learn and I think everyone should take time to learn it. Great question and I hope my answer helps!


I really envy people who knows how to swim. Believe it or not, I am 24 years old now but I really don't know how to swim. No matter how hard I try, I really could not swim. But, even though I don't know how to, I am still alive and kicking.

For me, the importance of learning how to swim depends on your location. If you live near shores and rivers, and you depend on the waters for livelihood, then it is very important to learn how to swim, to survive in case something bad happens.

However, in my case, living in an upland community with no big rivers nearby, I really think it is not important to learn how to swim. Where should I apply my knowledge if I know how in the first place?

There are many people actually who knows how to swim but were not able to survive long in water and there are some who does not know how to swim but survived in a water disaster. 

One thing I believe is true is that learning how to swim is not very necessary to survive.


I think lts important for one to learn the skill swimming, being one of the natural skill of life.

I don't swim, I am always too scared to enter the water.

I wish to learn how to swim someday.


Swimming is actually a natural and important part of life,swimming is actually a great way to exercise, and also swimming is a survival skill...

Not really knowing how to actually swim means you would always have to consider what to really do if you are being invited to any actual water-themed event..

Additionally, swim sets are really a great workouts, whether in the swimming pool or in an open water. swimming is also very great sport/excercise/activities/hobby for the people with some injuries or disabilities that cannot really handle the impact of running or doing hiking. ...swimming is a very good form of excercise which anyone should participate in in other to get their body relaxed and stay physically fit.......

Finally, not actually knowing how to swim could also literally be the reason for the death of a person,if the individual is faced with a water disaster,knowing how to swim could help the person out on such situation,and not knowing how to swim could get the person killed if they experience such incident...... also you never know when you might really be thrown into water...learning how to swim is not actually compulsory but it is necessary...