Can you do without your phone in a week?

I once decided to go for a challenge which has to do with abandoning my phone for few days and this implies that I won't have any access to the internet nor will I have access to other applicants or games on my mobile phone. I noticed I couldn't meet up with the challenge because I seem to be very addicted to my mobile phone. I wasn't really feeling very comfortable the first day I decided the challenge and I had to terminate the challenge that first day because I will always have some important things to do with my mobile phone.

As a student, there are times whereby I would observe my fellow students keeping their phones once it is exam period with the excuse of getting distracted by their mobile phones. This wasn't and isn't really part of me because I sometimes read some important books with the use of my mobile phone and I don't actually feel distracted when it is exam period. I do tell them what matters a lot is your self discipline and time management and I am quite sure with these two things, you can achieve anything.

Also, I can't actually do without accessing the internet for a day most especially when it comes to visiting Steemit and musing. I am actually addicted to both platforms. I also love it when I chat with my friends online including those who seem to be far away from me even though I am always chatting with them with the use of my phone. I think I am really addicted to my mobile phone and I can't do without it even for a day not to talk of a week 😑.

In conclusion, I will never forget when my previous smart phone was stolen. I could remember how frustrated and uncomfortable I was back then. I was actually depressed and sad because I couldn't do things I always did on my smartphone since it has been stolen. I actually felt that trauma even though it wasn't an experience I can ever forget. The phone wasn't with me for more than a week before I decided to get a new smartphone even though I was able to get over it. I think it's not actually about leaving your phone for a week that really matters but what really matters is what you do with your mobile phone and how disciplined and time cautious you are.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Ooh, wow, that is a really great  question.  I want to say yes, I would be okay, but there are some things that have happened in the recent past that make me wonder if that would be a truthful answer.  The bigger question is probably whether or not my work could do without me having a phone for a week.  It never fails that when I try to just get away and disconnect from everything they need to get a hold of me for some reason or the other.

Here is my biggest reasoning for not being sure I could go without.  A year or two ago my wife and I were camping in a pretty remote area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We didn't have much signal and it was very hard to do anything on our phones.  I think we take for granted how easy it is to just quickly look at the weather or your preferred map app to get the information you need. 

There were some pretty nasty storms coming through and it would have been nice to see the weather report to know exactly what we were looking at.  It was hard to know if we were okay in our location or if we needed to seek shelter.  The radio stations we tried to listen to were from across the lake an were not giving accurate information.  It was kind of scary for a while there.  

I now keep a map in my vehicle just in case we don't have signal, but the weather is another story.  It could have turned out very bad for us.  Due to that reason I am not sure I would want to do without my phone.  There are times that I really don't look at it for days, but it is there if I need it.  Plus, I use my phone to read.  It is basically my book.  Are you saying to go without my phone for a week I also have to not read for a week?  That would be a bit silly don't you think?


The new generation truly can not live without their cell phones. While this notion is unmistakably exaggeration, an ever increasing number of individuals are ending up progressively subject to cell phones and other convenient electronic gadgets for news, data, games, and even the infrequent telephone call. 

Alongside a developing worry that youngsters, specifically, might invest an excess of energy gazing into their telephones as opposed to associating with others, come inquiries with regards to the quick impacts on the cerebrum and the conceivable long haul results of such propensities. 

The fixation is to such a degree, that it prompts an irregularity in the cerebrum science of youngsters dependent on cell phones and the web. The effect is additionally associated to clinical sizes of web and cell phone addictions, misery and nervousness.


I use my phone only for making/receiving phone calls