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How secured are you when rich?

With becoming rich (in witch I'm not), I found that first of all, the government wants cut, and not a big one. So you get more attention from the government who are always on the lookout to fine you or to tax you big time, just because you have money. The second problem is that people don't respect you, they will think that you got that money by playing dirty, so they will either want a cut also, just because they think you can afford it. 

Third one is the people who want to do business with you, sell you stuff. They will try to get more out you just because they think you can afford it, and for some stupid reason that I can not understand, those people think rich people are stupid, so they think they are an easy client that they can rob with higher prices.

And last, everybody wants to be your friend now, just because they want a taste of that money. So you will get a lot of fake attention and fake love from people. Trust will become a big problem.

So, as you can see, once you get rich, the dangers from other people trying to get that money from you or just use you, skyrockets. So you are not really secured when the amount of people trying to get your money is multiplied, so you will need to defend yourself. Or do what I do, don't act like you have money. Small house, small car, don't talk about your investment or your businesses. I just keep quiet or give short answers.

(again, I'm not rich)


Being rich is one of those dreams that most people desires because it means being totally free from financial problems, however most people are of the opinion that with riches comes security which you're asking, I think this is not totally true.

Being rich exposes you to more responsibility, takes for instant you're in a family where you're the only rich person, there will be certain expectations from you to actually help other members of the family, why is this? This is because the wealth attached you such person has made them a focal point of concentration, which means they're exposed as a result of the fact that they're rich.

Also when it come to life security I'm actually telling you that even money makes you exposed to cut throats, bandit and thieves as well, that's why politicians go about in bulletproofed cars, chauffeur driven limousines and security details as well because they're wealthy and they'll be the target of people who wants to rob them.

Of course their riches will keep them prepared for any danger that may come their way, but they'll never be secured because they'll keep being in alert, because they're at the center of attraction.

You're definitely not secured if you're rich, you can only be prepared, riches attracts just like poverty repels, the only thing or difference is that being rich attracts the good, bad and the ugly and that's security being compromised.


You are safe until and unless you show off your richness to people. Though even if you are not showing off, people will still came to know that you are rich, then you have to take care of yourself, it can be avoiding taking late night public transport or checking in on social media. You can also try to keep a bodyguard with you just to be safe than sorry.


I have  a theory that if you were poor and now you are rich you will be more secure than someone who inherited the money or just got a lucky break in life.

I would much rather be poor and  having made the money than someone who has no idea of how to make money. You would be more careful and appreciate what you had compared to someone who just expects it.

The rich person who hadn't personally made the money could be more careless and therefore be less secure than the person who made it. If i made a fortune I would protect it all costs knowing I was secure for life. I would take very few risks and keep growing what I had.

Being rich doesn't guarantee you security but it helps you find a way to the problems and resolve them.


It actually depend upon what you characterize as being safe and how you made your cash

The fear\insecurity of not having cash for a stormy day is presumably more prone to make you lose rest than somebody attempting to take from you.

It causes you to be more careful about individuals who may are after your cash particularly on the off chance that you didn't profit legitimately.