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Could suicide be a justified means for ending depression???

This is a fine question, really. Running away from a problem by killing one's self is never the way forward for anyone who truly cares about the feelings of their loved ones.

Yes, suicide will end depression but it is never a solution to it because it will leave the families of the victim in depression and eternal embarrassment and stigmatization.

Therefore, it is better that a depressed person sees a therapist instead of contemplating suicide.


Suicide has never been justified. It will never be!!

I have submitted in several fora that Suicide is more of a disease than a social affliction. It is principally a manifestation of mental malfunction as in schizophrenia etc.. Whenever the issue is not medical, it can only be due to lack of a definite purpose in Life.

Whenever there is no Vision( Aim) in Life, the People Perises, said the Bible. This means what makes life worth its while is if it is anchored on a purpose or purposes. This could account for the highest rate of suicides among Atheists!!