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Why are some parents very strict to their kids?

Most of them do so to protect and secure the future of their children.

At a young age, children are prone to copy negative habits from their peers and if not properly guided, they could become a menace to themselves and the society at large. It's in a bid to prevent this that some parents go the extra mile to act strict.

Some parents however go the extreme to the point of beating the children till their bodies are covered with sores and wounds.

I read an article recently that almost made me shed tears. A father was used to beating his children for minor offenses. One day, one of his boys came back from school and was doing homework. He dis the exercises given from 1 till 35. The father said this was too much and promised the boy he was was going to approach the teacher the next day. When the father got to his school, he found out that the teacher had actually only given 1-10 and that the boy had proceeded on his own. The father there and then told the boy he was going to 'see' after school. That boy never returned home.

One man saw the boy roaming the street and took him to the police station where the boy, being very bright was able to relay everything that he had been going through and why he didn't return home. When they asked him to take off husband shirt, his body wasn't covered with scars from several severe beatings. I saw the picture and almost burst into years.

It's good to discipline kids but not too there extreme. Being strict is good but you should be able to know when it's enough, and when the boundaries have been reached.

My father was a disciplinarian to us and never spared the rod. Still, I don't think that was a what made used whatsoever we are, the things I didn't indulge in were not because I was afraid of my father's beating but because I careful to know their effects.


I believe that a lot of parents raise their children based on what they know...which is how they themselves were raised. Either their own parents were strict with them, or they view their upbringing as inadequate and feel that they need to be strict to keep their children from making the same mistakes that they themselves made. 


Today's children are prone to be recipe for disaster if they're not properly guided, taught and well trained to obey laws, rules, norms and abide by moral and standardized principle. Some parent are strict to their children because it's the only way they can impact knowledge into them on how to be responsible and well behaved.

If you notice in our society these days children are always known to lose their way if they're not taken care of, advice on how to go about life, from toddlers, adolescent, teenage years even to adulthood as well.

The only way parents succeeds in doing this is to be strict.

In African homes father's hardly allow child mismeandour at all and that's why my father always made laws and rules for me to follow and when I fail there was total consequences and punishment for me. My father hardly allowed me attend social gatherings or kept late nights, I don't party nor attend prom nights as a result of this I termed my father strict but I understood his goals and aims, he needed to be strict in order to raise me to be responsible and I believe that's the same reason most parents are strict to their children as well.


Well, considering the immoral nature of the world right now, you can't really blame certain parents for being strictll with their kids. It's usually to impact discipline in them. I know this for a fact because my old man was beyond strict with me and my siblings and although I didn't understand it then, it's done a hell of a lot more good than harm.

My old man was and still is a firm believer of spare the rod and spoil the child, and being the truly stubborn one in my family, I received more ass whoopings than I can even remember but on the long run, it actually taught me alot and helped build up good character in me.

There's a saying in my hometown that what an elder can see sitting down is more than a child can see standing on a giraffe head and to an extent it's true. Granted parents aren't always right, but for the most part, they are. Strict parents tend to be that way because they feel the only way to ensure that their children don't fall by the waste side or become useless is to be strict and make sure that they learn to follow the rules.

It's also quite possible that strict parents where raised by strict parents and as such they're simply mirroring what they themselves experienced because to them that's the only way to raise a child. My grandmother's level of strictness makes my dad look like a joke. She trained her kids to be obedient and respectful and that's exactly what my dad did with me and my siblings.

Honestly, I don't think I'll be a strict parent, but if push comes to shove and my kids are becoming wild then I'll pop open a can of strictness and make them shape in!!!


There are several reasons that parents act strict towards their children 

For Children Safetly : Children do make mistakes and parents are always caring and trying to stop them from doing those mistakes by being strict.

To direct them the right way in their life : Children do not often get the love behind that strictness  until they become mature enough  and get to understand that feeling.

While in other ways there are some past to those parents as well as they grew up on those environment as well in their time but as of today's world many things have changed.

Being friends with your children has been the most easiest way to keep in touch with the child life and it will enhance the relation of parents and children even more which should be the goal of every parent by the way.

Yeah being strict is necessary for parents in various situations for Children.


Some of the notion of having children comes from trying to cure death. Some of you will still live after you die through your children. That way we can accept the harsh reality of death. But if your children takes a different path then yours, you are no longer eternal. So for this reason some parents are very strict and invasive with the way their children live


 Being strict as a parent is actually a good thing. Parents only have the best interest of the child in mind.

Today's world is fraught with danger and guiding a child through it is very hard. Installing discipline at a young age will help the child as they grow. Having basic laws which a child has to adhere to is fine as it is only going to guide him along his path to achieving what he /she can later on in life. 

When we go out you see children doing things like running around in restaurants and the parents don't care about the other people in there. It shows me that the parents are lacking something and maybe they should have been raised better themselves.

Strict parents are normally from strict parents themselves. They were raised that way and turned out fine so it is repeated through the generations. My parents were a mix of strictness and allowing things but then times have changed now.   

Strict has changed over the years. When i grew up strict meant you would be punished with a stick or a belt if you did something wrong. Today though you are not allowed or it is frowned upon to beat a child. Parents that you classify as strict I would  classify as firm.


Because they are good parents trying to instill some useful real world values in their children (assuming they don't go overboard and beat them).