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What are the challenges people face in restaurant business?

Whatever choice of food menu is served, and whoever is targeting cafes or restaurants, the culinary business has its own challenges. Food choices are indeed very rich, both in terms of quantity and flavor. But if we talk about quality, we still need hard work from the culinary businessmen, including the association to provide education, especially regarding food safety. The absence of food safety standardization is an obstacle to measuring the extent of the quality of cafes and restaurants as a whole. Talking about food safety, not only the quality of food, but also the presentation, how to process food, service, level of cleanliness, to raw materials. "There is a special market group that prioritizes quality and service when eating in a cafe or restaurant.

There are also those who choose food at low prices. Generally, the old players in the culinary business tend to target two segments, namely the upper middle class which is a special market group (niche market) or culinary lovers who consider the price when buying food. The task of the association to respond to the lack of knowledge is also the application of food safety among culinary businessmen. It is also the duty of the association to promote the importance of food safety including the standardization of cafes and restaurants.

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