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Who should spend more on a date,the guy or the lady?

Ok this question might shake a few tables and I'd really love it if some guys gave their own input.

In my opinion I believe that whoever did the asking out should pay the bill of the date and most times its the guy that asks the girl out so I guess the guy should be the one that spends more. If it's the girl that asked the guy out then she should be the one to pay for things on the date.

If bother parties agree to meet up somewhere and it was a mutual agreement then they should both split the bill. I don't believe that for every situation one person should pay the bill. It shouldn't be like that, but in the world we live in, for the most part, guys are the ones that make the first moved when it comes to dates and as such they should be the ones that pay.

Imagine a scenario where a girl doesn't want to go anywhere on a particular day, but then a guy asks her out on a date that same day. Not meaning to be rude, she agrees and decides to meet him somewhere, there's no reason why she should pay for anything seeing as she's only there because of the guy. The same thing goes for when a girl asks a guy out.

To answer your question, I believe that who ever initiated the idea of going on the date should spend more.


For a first date, it is better for the person who had done the asking to pay for most, if not all, the expenses. Some other answers you find on Musing would tell you the same.

So, stop subscribing to the traditional idea of dating. Better yet, let's not stack responsibilities solely on one side or the other.

In your subsequent outings with the same person, you may consider splitting the bill. Some may prefer to split equally, and some may volunteer to cover a specific part. In fact, some may even prefer to add in their own twists as offer.

When two persons are in a committed relationship, the issue of who is paying more should subside. I am not saying to not keep track of your own finances, but cautioning against being too overt about it.

Too often, what started out as an expectation becomes a scoreboard. You don't want to keep scores in a committed relationship because it is a recipe for disaster. You want equity in a partnership, not absolute equality.

Outside of the cost of the date, make sure it is something you both would enjoy. The amount of money you spent is insignificant when you do not enjoy each other's company, or the activity.

Once again, as your relationship progresses, who is paying should not even be an issue. The only limiting factor should be financial constraints and time once you are to that point.

Enjoying your time together should be top priority. No amount of money can mend an empty relationship.


I would say that a guy should spend more for the lady when it comes to date. It is something that I believe in as a guy. It has nothing to do about "machismo", it's just that in the society that I belong, the man is still considered to be the "breadwinner". And so even if it's just a date, the guy should be able to showcase his capability to be the one that can bring the food to the table.

To reiterate, the man should still be the one to spend for the date with a lady.


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I am a guy and I would never dream of making a girl pay on a date unless she was an absolute terror the entire night. 


 I don't like it when people spend money on me, i prefer to be in total control, and will demand food or drinks when ever i want. Giving hints to a stranger because i want a extra drink is out of the question! That saying a man should be strong in his mind, strong with his body, and strong with money or there will be no date at all.

I mean if a man is broke, then dating is a waste of time, because he needs that time to get stronger. Only after he turned into a strong figure, then he can not only pay for the date, but also afford to take care of her for the rest of her life. So a date could be like the first steps of a marathon or the first steps of a 50 meter race, no matter what choice you make, you should never create a false start.

There for it would be a wise for a man to care of everything on a date, and make sure that the date could only complain about a meteor falling on earth, aliens attack, a zombie Apocalypse or hell comes on earth!

If a woman wants to pay for the date, and she can afford it, then she can see the reaction of the man when she wants to pay for it, a man who is not used of that will not accept it, but a man who is broke or used of those things, will not argue about that. That saying, when a woman chose to pay for a date then she can see that money as a small investment to figure out the status of the date.

When a man say, sure yeah i want this and that, then il bet you will not be his partner in the future, but more or less like his new mom and then you better get rid of him, because he is not ready to have a woman!