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Will he call or should I?
I met a guy at the library. He acted interested - made a point to stay, talk about the movies I was taking out, asked me if I was going to watch them alone, then asked me if I wanted to watch a movie with him sometime. I said "yes that would be nice." Before I left, he was unsure I was interested and said -"So I will see you around here sometime." I asked if he wanted to exchange phone numbers, he said yes. and we did. I am not one to call a guy first and feel like it's up to him since he seem interested. If he doesn't call in a week or so, should i make the effort to call him (even though that is not like me and I don't want to appear forward)? Thank you in advance for your feedback

It depends if you are interested or not.Maybe he is thinking the same thing right now.How sad would that be if two people that really like each other don't contact each other as they are waiting for the other one to make a move first.

This happens more than you think and is just plain stupid. Make the move and phone him then.This way you will know and have no regrets.Having no regrets is the only way to live.


Just call him and be over with it. 

If you're not interested, don't. 

If you are, do.

Maybe he's just busy with work or whatever, set a date. 

If you're not the kind of person who calls first then why should other person be?

I'm just saying. 

Grow a pair. :P


Many times making the decision to call that boy you knew and you call attention depends on the interest you have for him and how much you like. 

I think you should wait a little to call him, this way you will keep his interest and this will make him call you. If after a while he didn't call you, then he wasn't interested in you and you don't lose anything, besides, he'll think you didn't feel interested in him either. 

This is if you like to have a deep relationship, but if it's just like another friend, you can call him and arrange an appointment or meeting to see a movie, it doesn't matter if you take the initiative.