What has been your biggest earning post on Steemit and what was your post about?

I once wrote a post that earned $152 according to the Steemit UI, giving me $114 after curation rewards. The post was titled "Will we be using moss to remove lead from the drinking water in the future?", and was about a scientific paper that looked at using moss to remove lead from drinking water sources, instead of the commonly used abiotic filters that has a lot of problems. 

While the payout was very high, keep in mind that this was when Steem was at its peak, and was worth around $6. So a post that would earn the same amount in today's value would be worth a lot more in the long run.

Anyway, here's the post for those who are interested: https://steemit.com/science/@valth/will-we-be-using-moss-to-remove-lead-from-the-drinking-water-in-the-future


My best earning post on steemit is from this link :


or you can access directly from Steemhunt link here :


This is a post about the product hunt called "Cymath" that I posted on dApps Steemhunt. 

I was lucky to be able to enter the TOP 20 rank at that time, and get upvote from steemhunt for $ 43.91.

Well, but at the moment I'm having a hard time getting such an upvote. XD 


My highest earnings so far, which is something is from Steemhunt about a product that cyclist can use which has a screen in their glasses. It was  4.64 in total. So far others that i have got is around 50 cents, many with no earnings and many with an average of 1.50.

I just keep on going on and write and consistently write here in musing. In Steemit, so far, I have not made any blog post that made lots of earning yet. I haven't figured out how to get those attention yet. 


According to ESteem Surfer (Yep! ESteem displays what was your top rewarded posts on Steem), the biggest payout that I got was for my post for the SteemJet Community, this post: STEEMJET WEEKLY REPORT #2 - Delegatee stats (Plus a contest inside) 

That post got a total upvote worth of $42.40, but half of that (around $15) honestly came from a bidbot upvote.

The biggest organic payout that I got however was from my post all about how the Busy bots work:  How to determine "vote weight" given by the busy bots  which got me a payout of $38.98. It was back from the time where I still review and do tutorials for some Steem Tools and Platforms built on top of Steem.


Well, since I've joined the steemit platform I've not seem to get up votes last 2 dollars or so but when I joined the musing platform the votes I got changed. With the Steen power delegation to musing last week, I got a vote worth about 4.5$ and that's the highest I've gotten so far.

I got the vote by musing by answering a question on the musing platform, the question was about cryptocurrencies and if they can break the dollar hegemony and be the future currency of the world.

I just responded with my view on the subject matter coupled with facts I've gathered during my cryptocurrency journey and posted it. However musing curators saw that my response deserved a good up vote and my answer was given a 4.5$ worth of upvote.


https://steemit.com/steem/@mrcheisen/a-great-contest-created-by-oracle-d-where-you-can-get-upvote-of-usd1-to-usd10-so-hurry-up-to-join-the-contest, this is my most earning post on steemit yet. And this post was about "Vote for Steem to listed on Netcoins".

I joined steemit a few months ago. I have set my goal that I will only post the answer of musing.io. But I have posted one or two which were not related with musing.io. Now I am commenting on musing.io and also get support from @musing. That's why i want to thanks @musing for supporting me from my beginning. If you see that I have got upvote from musing in my first post which I commented on musing.io.

From all of them I have earn a biggest amount of upvote from oracel-d for posting about their "vote for Steem". In that post I described about how to vote for Steem on Netcoins. But I got one time a biggest upvote from oracel-d, on the other hand I earn more from musing.io.


So far my biggest earning was $40 with one post.

It was about an amazing underground amusement park set up in a salt mine, the only one in Europe. It is a treatment center for respiratory diseases in the same time.

We went to visit the amusement park in April and it was a great opportunity to post about it.


Good question mate.

Well, here i would love to elaborate your question a bit.

Sometime a little thing can give more happiness then the biggest thing you achieve in your life, if we see it in happiness prospective, 

When i started my steemit journey The very first vote i got was the happiest moment of my steemit journey! It was worth may .01! but it gave me a lot of happiness! 

I hope you are getting what i am trying to clear here, but when comes to your question which is specifically is about the biggest earning from steemit is the vote i got from @dtube a while ago.

It was worth 43$, but as we know that @dtube takes 25 percent of your reward and 25 % also goes in curation , after deducting the @dtube part and curation part, it left 29$. 

Here is the post link.