Would a flag option be useful on musing.io to help discourage spam questions and answers?
We’re seeing a lot of spam and plagiarism on musing.io after the big delegation. And these spammers are going to hurt the platform if they continue to flood the feed with spam questions and plagiarised answers. I think the ability to flag the spammers would help discourage these bad actors. What do you think?

I don't think it will help. Whether one gets an upvote or a flag you can't see any reputation number in here and so it doesn't affect the spamming users that much. The would get unnoticed and continue with the spam and plagiarism. For plagiarism the solution that I think would be the best is what I have been doing. Every time I see plagiarized content I tag musing in the comment and let the user know that I've found his content being plagiarized information. Sometimes @musing shows up and sometimes it doesn't. 

Yesterday for example I found also a user doing this and I commented on his post. Didn't checked again to see what happened and if anybody else has noticed it. I would also like for musing to have blacklists and use them for users that repeatedly do that. This way their threads won't even appear on the platform. Then another solution that I always advocated is a mute option for users to hide certain users. This morning the amount of spam was staggering. I opened the browser logged in on musing and searched for a few minutes a question to answer but all I found was childish and non sense question that really don't deserve any answer. 

I closed the tab and got out. It was really frustrating because the platform is bad and it feels sad seeing people throwing all sort of stupid questions just to get an upvote from musing. Now I shared my opinions regarding this topic multiple times around here. The rest depends only in musing. They are the ones who should think at some updates to clean the platform and make it great as it deserves. I understand that some people don't know English very good but they should at least try and translate their questions better and think at more meaningful ones than everything that comes to their mind. In time they will get bored of posting if they don't get upvoted. 

Have patience and keep on musing! Things will get better. 

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Yes flag could be an option.

On the platform mostly spanners are here to get some upvote and if they don't get any upvote they will automatically be discouraged and leave the platform.

As Musing Upvoting system is manual therefore they go through the contents and upvote accordingly.

So I think the spanners will automatically be discouraged and forced to leave. 

Upvotes are given according to the content and relevance to the question.


YES. I strongly believe and advocate for a flag button to be added to the Musing platform to eradicate all forms of Spam and Plagiarism on the platform. A lot of people take advantage of the Musing Platform and abuse it the way they deem fit all because there is no flag option. And like you rightly said, this could hurt the platform if there are no checks put in place while they can now.


Definitely YES! We need a downvote option for Spammers, I just got an answer that it was not necessary and it does not fit my question, I am currently monitoring answers because I would like to know more about my questions and my curiosity behind it.

But its up for Musing Team to decide.


Something must be done because what I saw today is very disappointing. People should act responsible and not spam the platform for their on childish games. 

 Flagging is an option and I saw someone downvoting another user because the answer given had nothing to do with the question. 

I'm not  a big fan of punishing people but there should be a solution to stop spammers! 

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I think it will not be a bad idea. For the sanity of this place we need to some check and balance.

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As much as I love to say it would, I honestly think it wouldn't help that much. Even now, a simple 1% downvote from anyone would probably hide all those spam questions (If I am not mistaken all contents with a negative payout are automatically hidden on the UI) But only a few people does it in fear of retaliation xD

It would even be more effective if Musing decides to have a rule in which a question should have at least 3 decent answers first before it will be upvoted by @musing. I think that will encourage those question-spammers to ask decent questions here. (Not a good idea btw since that can easily be gamed, just throwing some random suggestions here) XD

So yeah long story short, the problem is that no one is brave enough to downvote/flag anyone here. Most accounts fear retaliation and some are saving up their Voting Powers.


Well Yes and No 

Flag could be an option to take while if we think rationally, doing that it simultaneously reduces the voting power as well. So if Musing starts to downvote them it will in a way reduce the optimal value for users in Musing who are doing their best to answer the questions. Reducing the upvote value.

A flag option would be better though if we the users see something like that we can choose an option to flag or tell that user he/she is ruining the platform here.

There are other dapp who are implementing the Blacklist Protocol on their site and it really is helping them in few ways to stop spamming and making the platform clean.

As the curators go through the answers and they see what is going on with the users who are spamming they could make a list of those spammers and  plagiarizers and announce them publicly in Musing Id in Steemit so that they will not get the privilege of using Musing services. 

Which eventually will remove a lot of spammers/plagiarizers. It will take some time but it might be the right way.

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