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Is self medication a good thing even when the person things he or she knows what they are doing?

in my opinion depends on the health problems that are suffered. and depends also on knowledge about health. and in my opinion there are only a few health problems that can be treated alone without going to the doctor.

for example you consume less food and drinks while on the move. causing you to experience dehydration fever. You know that this fever is a fever lacking body fluids. and this fever does not need a doctor. enough to consume food and drinks you will recover. in this case it is very good to do self-medication. because it does not incur costs.

But if you experience a serious illness, even you know the disease you are suffering from, then you cannot do the treatment yourself. for example like coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease is a disease caused by a buildup of cholesterol in the blood vessels. so in this case medical treatment needs to be done. You cannot treat a disease like this. this must be treated medically.

I give you another example. for example you have a broken bone. and your bones come out of the outer skin. You also cannot do this treatment yourself. even though you know how to deal with broken bones. but your bones come out of the outer skin. can you do the surgery yourself? of course the answer is no. in this case medical treatment is needed. hopefully answer your question


I would say nobody really want self-medication except as a result of the circumstances that is making the person unable to afford proper medication so I don't think self medication is a choice that people love to make, it is just that is more popular in developing countries where there are hardly alternatives because of the financial constraints to pay hospital bills and fee so people resorts to it.  So I won't say self medication is a good thing or a bad thing self medication is like the only means that keeps people alive when they don't have money to afford a proper hospital and believe me self medication is only done in developing countries especially in Africa look at places like England it's hard to even see means to self medicate without doctor's prescriptions really.

So people can never fully understand what they are doing when it comes to self medication because there are no tests conducted to ascertain the kind of illness or the kind of sickness so self medication is only treatment by trial or by testing and as a result it is not 100% safe the only way the person can know what they are doing is if they have conductor test and run blood samples before commencing treatment and these are not synonymous with self medication which means it doesn't depends whether the person knows what they are doing or not what matters is whether the person knows the nature of the sickness which they are trying to treat.

The only place self-medication can be good is only in villages without doctors or proper health facilities because self medication is like first aid when it comes to places like this so people would rather choose to be self medicated rather than be dead so my point is that in a situation where a proper hospital can be gotten it is better to choose the proper hospital rather than self medicating but when there is no choice of a proper hospital then the only way will be to self medicate and that is why I stated earlier that self medication is only done in developing countries


If by self medication you mean taking pills without consulting a doctor, then it's not. That is never advised. You can see a bunch of commercials advertising different pills without prescription but I would not advise you to take them.

You can treat a cold by drinking hot tea with lemon and honey, that's fine, you don't have to go to a doctor but if something more serious occurs, you should not hesitate. 

I know a lot of natural medicine treatments and use them in case something happens to me. Teas and raw vegetables can be used successfully, no need to go to the doctor. Sometimes your body just need rest and a bit of boost. 

But then again, if something is not right and you see you can't get results with natural medicine, you should act immediately and consult a doctor. 


Self medication is a thing that some people usually do whenever they feel sick,well some people have some little knowledge about medicine and they use that knowledge to perform self medication but self medication is totally not advicable..

When a person is feeling sick I believe that the best thing they should do is that such person should go to the hospital for a medical checkup...

When the person visits a hospital he or she will get proper medical care and we get the right help he or she deserves concerning their health..I say a big NO to self medication...


Whether it is Home medicine or Professional medicine,

there's always a risk of misdiagnosis.

What People tend to focus on is not the reliablility of such practice rather they would render them equivalent.

If a doctor can be wrong, and I can be wrong, between two of us, I know me better, so I can self-medicate.

That is basically what it boils down to.

Sure, everyone experience a headache and an upset stomach once every now and then.

And, taking an aspirin or an activated coal tablet would eliminate the need to visit a doctor.

So it is not totally unreasonable to skip a visit and not bother your doctor with evey minor discomfort.

The healthcare systems does rely on people to not come in with every headache and papercut.

So to an extend, we're expected to self-medicate.

It only becomes a problem when the issues become more complex and severe, where medical expertise is necessary that the self-medication may contribute to decline in ones health.

Yeah, taking your vitamins is good for your health, it will help your body to fight infections and balance the biochemistry.

Taking your vitamins will not cure your cancer.

That is if you're even aware it's cancer.

Your Home medicine book say stomach pain is just because you eat this or that.

Yeah, it could be cancer.

No amount of vitamin C or dill tea will cure it.


Based on experience, I would say self medication isn't really good. If you do not get tested, you don't know what is exactly wrong with you, then you can't do self medication.

There was once I fell sick, at first, it was just headache so I thought all I needed to do was to take pain relievers and I'd get better. I took some pain killers and the pain died down a bit. In about two days time, it resurfaced. I was surprised and this time around, I had a very high temperature, I concluded it must be Malaria cause I felt it was Malaria symptoms.

I went ahead to get Malaria drugs and used them consistently till the drugs finished. The more I took the drugs, the worse I became. On the last day of using that drug, I was terribly sick, I couldn't walk or talk, my head was continuously aching, my temperature could make warm a very cold water. I had to drag myself to the hospital that day and it was discovered that it was Typhoid.

What if I had not gone to the hospital and lived on self medication? Self medication isn't bad if you are sure exactly what is wrong with you. And how can you know what is wrong with you without visiting the hospital? You will just be living on assumptions which isn't right.