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If you won the lottery, what would you do with all the money?
Would she give it to philanthropy and feed the destitute? Or on the other hand blow it on new shoes, autos, and houses?

If I won the jackpot prize in lottery, I will buy and do several things.

I would spend some of it for house renovations since it is necesary especially our grandparent's house. I would also like to buy a rest house near a beach and nature.

I would also spend some for business like to have a room for rent business and food business. Also a small farm for fresh food supplies.

Some will be given too especially to relatives cause it is also important to share the blessings.

I will also spend some for traveling and save some as well for future use. It is mportant to have some savings so that you can have financial security.

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I am Not a Regular Lottery Partaker; But If That "Free" Money Ever Come Through Any Means, Including Lottery; it Would Be Definitely Ploughed Back To The Society Through:

1) Personal Financial Education On Commerce and Sundry Investment Would Be Constituted To Enable Folks Around To Invest Profitably, not Necessarily Money, But Their Talents and Abilities Which Abounds in Everyone; but remained Mostly Unharnessed Due to Dirth of Financial and Investment intelligence.

2) Endowment Financially Into Struggling Financial Companies Because of Inadequate Capitalization.

3) Environmental Education On How Our Actions Impacts Our Environment Negatively . This Is Necessary Because When All Concerned Are Well Informed About The Effect of Their Activities, They Would Not Engage In Such , therefore Sustainable Environment, devoid of Environmental Issues is Ensured.


Spend it on securing my financial health and start a business that aims to give back to the community for the common good. 


Relies upon how enormous the payout is. On the off chance that it's the powerball and some place in the $500 million territory well… I'll hide out for around 5– 6 months. In that time, I'll begin an organization to gather the rewards so it's not gathered in my name. I'll take the singular amount after charges.

I'd get some land some place where it's elusive me.

Stop some sperm and get a vasectomy.

Purchase an entire armada of muscle autos.

Purchase a Willys Jeep.

Get some Class III weapons and some uncommon weapons. Like a Uzi, sawed off shotgun, some TNT, a Thompson submachine weapon, a Swedish K submachine firearm, a M-60 E3, a M-2 Carbine,a Winchester '73 .30– .30 switch activity, a WWII time Mauser K-98, Winchester Model 1897 Trench firearm, a Syracuse Arms .12 measure twofold barrel shotgun made out of Damascus Steel.

Purchase chasing rifles like a Remington .30-.06, something in Winchester .300 Mag, a Winchester Model 70 in .308,

Make some chase pooches a Black Mouth Cur, a Blue Lacy, a German Shorthair Pointer, and a French Mastiff. All will make great guard dogs as well. I'll know somebody is preceding they know I know.

Fabricate a house that isn't a chateau yet isn't little.

Travel everywhere throughout the world on short excursions.

Begin a Pitbull safeguard.

Continue chasing and angling trips that keep going for a considerable length of time. That is the reason I need the canines I recorded.

Ensure my close family is dealt with.