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What are the sign and symptoms of a unhealthy dog Labrador??
As owners, we certainly can know whether our favorite dog is healthy or sick from his movements. To be sure it requires a full examination of the dog's body.

Dog body temperature ranges from 38-39 degrees Celsius with a range of 0.9 degrees Celsius and above.
The dog breathes 15-20 times in a relaxed state.
The dog's heart beats between 80-120 times per minute also in a relaxed state
The gums are red.

The eyes are swollen, the white part of the cornea becomes reddish.
Nose Extend excessive fluids continuously. The liquid may be clear or have a yellowish-green color.
Ears There is excessive waste, odor, itching.
Breath Breathe too soon or wheeze as it runs out, breathing irregularly.
Digestion More than 2 days do not defecate, too frequent bowel movements, liquid stool form, stool smell is not as usual, there is a red mucus like blood in the stool.
Body fluids: dogs do not want to drink, water colored old, often / seldom urinate.
Fur & skin feathers fall in excessive amounts, feather color fades or discolor, scratching routine even to rub against skin on rough walls or floors, reddish skin such as inflammation or abrasions, skin red spots or pox spots appear.
Appetite Would not eat in more than 2 days, look no.
There are several symptoms which can be recognized if a dog is unhealthy. Some could be signs of severe diseases and some that will go away in few days.. So ill list some which could be the most sever ones.

-Drolling, Bad breath. Dogs drool in hot summer days but that is limited to an extent.. if you dog is drooling in large amount which isn't normal then check your dogs breath.. if it smells bad it could be a symptom of underlying diseases.

-Excess urination and drinking. If the dog is urinating frequently and it looks as if he has no controll then it also is a symptom.

-Change in appetite. If the change is too noticable and it is making a shift in your dogs weight take him to a vet as soon s possible. This a symptom of cancer in old Labradorss

-Stiff muscles oor joints. If the dog looks like its having hard time walking or climbing stairs then its also a symtom.

- Sneezng, coughing, panting excessively, hard time breathing, too much sleep, dry skin, sores, cloudy eyes etc all are symptoms of severe diseases. If you find any of the symptoms present try to remember uf you have or have not missed to give your dog a shot.. Then immediately take it to the vet.. early recognition of these could even save your dogs life..

Take good care of your dog everyday feed him enough but not too much to make him fat.. The more care you take the longer it will be with you. Regularly take it to run or swim with you.. your proper attention could save your dogs life.