Can steem see 0.5 usd at least by the end of December 2019?

Sincerely, majority of us are actually not happy with the current situation of the crypto market today due to the unfavorable market occurring occurring in the crypto market leading to low market value or worth of most cryptos. The major factor that decides the worth of steem and some other cryptos has to do with the worth or current price of Bitcoin and their market cap.

As at last year, towards the end of 2018 most cryptos investors expected a huge spike in the worth of the cryptos they're invested on but it actually turned out to be unfavorable due to the poor worth of Bitcoin. Even the astonishing part about this is that steem had more value during that year unlike what seems to be happening right now this year.

Can steem actually make 0.5 usd at the end of December 2019?

Well, this is actually gonna be my prediction since no one is certain or sure of what is gonna happen before that time because cryptos are unpredictable and erratic in nature as they tend to fall and rise unexpectedly.

I will say it's actually possible for steem to worth more than 0.5 USD because Facebook will be launching a new crypto on libra as this can make large amount of people have passion for blockchain technology and cryptos making them to invest more in cryptos before the end of December.

Some other sources are even making us realize that the year 2020 will be the year of cryptocurrencies because by that time most people will surely secure some cryptos or tokens by that time.

In conclusion, the price of steem worthing 0.5 USD at the end of December 2019 may actually be dependent on the worth of Bitcoin and steem market cap. I just hope the crypto market would have been stable and favorable by that time.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.