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Can anybody tell me in deatils about whaleshares account?

Whaleshares is s similar thing to Steemit. Steemit is geared toward a Bloging platform, Whaleshares is geared to a social media sharing. 

Whaleshares Works on new coin WLS. The WLS is the reward given in Whaleshares, were in Steemit you get rewarded with Steem. They both work the same way as regards to rewards from a reward pool. Whaleshares however does not have an alternative liquid coin. The way Steem can be exchanged for SBD. Whaleshres is Whaleshares liquid or powered up and no additional coin in available in the platform. You can send your WLS to Bitshares to trade them for other tokens, Currently the rewards you get in Whaleshares platform is 100% powerd up.

I think at the moment the powered down is only permitted at a 10% - 12 % rate of your total WLS powered up. The power down process works the same, over a 13 week period you get your reward.

A more detailed question of the information you wanted might have been helpful to provide the right answer, 

That is the basics. If you hold more interest Join the whaleshares server on discord.