Steem is now 0.5 USD, Do you think musing should re-adjust voting percentage in curation?

Frankly speaking, I do not think that Musing has to increase its voting percentage because the price of Steem is going down. I hold these seemingly conservative views for two major reasons:

First, such increase will be unsustainable in the long run considering the growing number of users on this platform. While the voting power of Musing is limited, the number of users answering questions may turn out unlimited.

Second, an increase in the voting percentage of Musing due to the falling price of Steem will give the impression that most of us are largely here because of the incentives rather than the value we are adding to the Musing community. Everything should not always be about money. Let's consider value too.

Finally, the answers we are providing here is far valuable than whatever upvote we get from Musing and other curators. Therefore, we should be more interested in building such a fantastic platform like Musing (where all the questions of this world can be answered) than in bothering ourselves with the rewards we receive.

I hope you find my answers worthwhile. Regards.


No, I don't think Musing.io should adjust voting percentages based on the value of STEEM. 

First, while adjusting their voting percentages to increase Musing.io's upvote value is nice, it wouldn't be sustainable. Keep in mind that every account, no matter how big, regenerates voting mana at the same rate, everyday. Thus, by increasing their voting percentages, they will be decreasing the number of votes they give out everyday. This is actually much worse than the decreased upvote values. I would rather have less rewards per question or answer, if that means more questions and answers will be rewarded. 

Second, given the fixed rate that voting mana regenerates, re-adjusting the voting percentage every time STEEM fluctuates in value would just make the curation process unnecessarily complicated. Remember, STEEM prices can go up and down any moment. So, if the manual curators have to adjust voting percentages every time a fluctuation occurs, they might end up spending more time re-calculating voting percentages than curating content. 

Third, STEEM prices affect the entire blockchain. So, why should Musing.io's users be immune from this? Don't get me wrong, I'd like to be insulated from the effects in the dip on the price of STEEM, but that's just not possible. Fluctuations in price is a reality in the crypto world. So, we just have to live with it. Besides, if the situation were reversed, meaning if the price of STEEM was on the rise, I'd doubt you'd want Musing.io to adjust their voting percentages to reflect old prices, too. I know, I wouldn't. 

Finally, although Musing.io is a platform where users are rewarded for their contributions, these rewards, much less the value of these rewards, were never guaranteed. So, it shouldn't matter if the upvotes we're getting now are worth much less than what it was when STEEM was valued at $1. There was never a minimum dollar value guarantee, in the first place. 

So, there is really no need for Musing.io to adjust their upvote percentages. We just have to ride out this dip in the price of STEEM, while continuing to contribute content and waiting for prices to improve again.

Hope this helps.  


In my 2 cents musing is doing a great job by doing a decent vote. So, there is no need to increase and decrease voting percentage. The people who wants to get more upvote from musing to compensate steem low price must consider that it's impracticable to run this process long. For this either you need more steem power or less upvotes. Both are unfeasible for the platform which is doing decent for user.

Other side On decreasing the reward peoole will be frustrated so it's better to keep balance b/ a reward distribution. Let the musing decide which is best for the block chain


On my own opinion as i'm a newbie on crypto currency, an upvote of having half a $1 is good but it really depends on the percentage of the voters who can adjust their voting value down or higher than 0.5, voters have free will to vote wisely but now a days, even quality posts are over looked and left behind without good upvotes.... sad but it's true. And i'm very thankful to those who came out with these awesome project musing.io you guys have a golden heart! 😍👍😊. More power to you guys.


I don't think they will do that as they don't necessarily need to provide us with constant upvotes and do that also with a constant value. From what I've seen they give upvotes from 1% to 15% no matter what the value of Steem is and as long as Steem is listed on the crypto markets there are going to be fluctuations of the prices and we will have to deal with them as they are. 

From what I am getting from musing in terms of upvotes I am perfectly fine and more than happy so no matter what the price will be and if they re-adjust or not the voting value for me is fine. I don't think though that they should make such adjustments because that would mean less upvotes for everybody but same value in votes and that wouldn't be healthy for us, the users. 

As you may have seen the percentage of active users is increasing with every week almost and somehow musing needs to cover more questions and answers and increasing the value would mean an increasing in the voting power and also less votes. Less votes for me, less votes for you, less for everybody. 

I don't think they will do that and I don't hope either. For me it's perfectly fine how it is right now. 


In that case you have a flawed perspective as to why you are here on Musing.io

You are not hired by musing.io to ask and answer questions on the platform.  And even if they do, Musing should "pay" in terms of Steem, the native token of the Steem Blockchain. If you're looking to get paid in Dollar value then go be a Youtuber or something.

I remember somewhere when a witness proposed to do away with the Dollar value under the post and instead show the real Steem and SBD value.

Maybe it is possible to create a Dapp that shows that instead of the Dollar value.

Discussions are welcome! Feel free to comment if you disagree because this topic is worth discussing since it involves a myriad of things like perception, computational load, the value (not price) of Steem and so on!


I'm afraid that's not possible since their voting power is decreasing exponentially and it wouldn't be sustainable if they increase the percentage of vote they wanna distribute.

Voting percentage would be readjusted in case crypto starts rising since rewards would be a lot bigger. Sadly we are witnessing pretty fucked up situation and we'll need to wait a bit more to see some changes when it comes to crypto in general.

But on the other side steem is cheap as shit at the moment and every coin has 2 sides, don't lose energy thinking about this stuff but rather on how can you accumulate as much steem as you possibly can, trust me on this :)


I don't think making such adjustment is necessary. Accept it the way it is now. Giving 1%, 3%, and 5% upvotes is enough for me since it needs to sustain and maintain Voting Mana and Resource Credits.

Moreover, when Steem and SBD value, it would be a great advantage for all of us. What we should do is wait, and pray for cryptocurrency to go up so we get to earn more.


I will appreciate anything they give me at this point, thank you.


I don't think it's necessary. If anything, they earn more SP now.

Market will always raise and fall, but additional SP make difference over time.

No need to drain voting power.


The current voting weight set by @musing is perfect as it is even at this current state of Steem, especially now.

At this point, many are reluctant to post since the reward isn't worthy for their effort, that could be true on one side of the story, however if @musing will increase its voting weight, it will also affect the voting pattern, which means less for everyone.

Some will get huge upvote while most are having nothing at all. This is not a good situation at all, it will cause more harm to the community and more relutance musing.io users.

I would say, keep the current voting weight and pattern. It's already great for everyone😊