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What if musing introduce an expert panel and when you ask & want an answer from that expert panel, you have to pay certain amount, will you pay and ask question to them ? How sustainable it will be?

Seeing as the majority of Steem users are honestly in here for the "money", I suspect that no one will ever use it, no one will pay anyone just to make them answer a question (well maybe there are a few people out there but the majority probably wouldn't)

Also what happens when the expert you payed to answer a question declines? What happens when someone ask a very personal question to someone and that someone feels uncomfortable answering the question? There is no guarantee that the expert will really answer the question he was payed to answer. I think this would not be a problem if Steem has smart contracts as the payment can just be send once he submitted an answer. (Although even in that scenario what's stopping the 'expert' from submitting a one word answer and run off with the payment, right?!)

I think @jonching's suggestion for a conversation feature inside Musing.io to easily find and ask experts here in Musing would be a better alternative against paying experts to answer a question. The idea was:  each question/answer page could have its own chat where users can discuss the answers in a way that feels more free-form  Source: https://musing.io/q/jonching/fk3alxr25


@Milaan, In my opinion, If we put an restriction towards asking question and answers then it will going to become issue when we will witness the introduction like every activity will have to pay some amount. So, it should be free because in that way we will going to experience more effective adoption. Stay blessed. 🙂


Good question @milaan. According to me if musing introduce an expert panel than it would be improper to this platform. Look at the steemit platform they have installed bots on their platform and lost their community. So if the experts opinion if anyone wants than he or she can directly go to google and find it for free. I don't think like anyone will pay to anyone for being answered their question.

If there are question related to cryptocurrency in musing platform then everyone opinion and answer can be different that is not a case were one is wrong and other is right. So according to me i think there should be not be any expert opinion either you can go with free for starting and look at the results. Whether people are here for earning purpose or for getting answer to their question.


I’d predict it’d be a total failure.

The entire ‘business’ model of Steem and Musing from Day One has been to reward content... NOT pay for it.

That’d be an entirely different idea for an entirely different platform.