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What essential features a blockchain must have, so that a question & answer platform can be built with that blockchain ?


A particular blockchain and the salient features play an important role in the functioning of a question and answer platform. The following features are essential in choosing a particular blockchain for a question and answer platform.

  1. Speed & Scalability
  2. Transaction fee
  3. Safety & Security
  4. Data Storage
  5. Support from developers

1.  Speed & Scalability

Speed is always important in maintaining and running a question and answer platform and it must be scalable. It is essential to match the scaling with the traditional question and answer platform; otherwise people will compare it on that basis and may consider it as a criteria of rejection. So as the new form of question and answer platform is blockchain based and it is the future version of question and answer platform, the underlying technology upon which the question and answer platform is built must have adequate scalability as well as speed. The question and answering should happen within seconds. For that a blockchain technology should have faster block producing as well as should have a scalability of 10000 transactions per second.

2.  Transaction fee

Within a platform there are many types of users. Some users do nano transaction that means in fraction, some users do micro transactions and some users do mega transaction. For mega transaction keeping a transaction fee does not a matter much. But for nano and micro transaction, transaction fee is a burden. A question and answer platform will be ideal only when it addresses all the three category of users. So it is better to ensure freedom of transaction fee to the entire three categories and make the network free of any transaction fee and it will prove to be ideal for mass adoption when the underlying technology does not charge any transaction fee for a transaction. It must also be noted that in a question and answer platform there will be numerous transactions, so keeping it free of transaction fee is really ideal for a question and answer platform.

3.  Safety & Security

The network of a blockchain technology is secured by a consensus protocol. So the consensus protocol must be a proven one so that the network keeps the malicious and hacking act at bay. The safety and security always play an important role for any kind of application and implementation. That ensures users to freely and safely do their activity in a platform like question and answer platform. So the underlying blockchain technology should be safe and secured from any malicious attack.

4.  Data Storage

The data and storage should be decentralized, so that it will not undergo any downtime like centralized websites. There should not be any single point failure and data ownership should be with the community. IPFS can be good option for allowing the platform to store its own data.

5.  Support from developers

How good the developers of an underlying blockchain technology are, also plays an important role for a question and answer platform. The developers must be competent, technically sound and should always extend their support, whenever there is a need of it. They must have a dedicated channel so that they can be approachable and the real time response from the developers makes it more transparent and friendly for a question and answer platform. The technical difficulty or error at any point of time must be addressed as soon as possible, so that the downtime can be avoided or can be kept minimal. This is also important for the success of a question and answer platform with a blockchain technology.