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Will musing apply for the delegation request to Steemit, as Steemit Inc has invited delegation application from various dapps ? If musing will apply how much delegation musing is likely to get, in case of an approval?
There are three tiers of delegation Tier 1 - 1000000 SP Tier 2- 500000 SP Tier 3- 100000 SP

I definitely think it gives everyone open chances as the delegation plan maybe reborn. It's definitely an opening for musing but it's up to jonching and the musing team. So to answer the first part of your question I think it's up to jonching and the musing team because I don't know their stances on the announcement. Now to answer the second part.

I think during the announcement there were three stages of which this delegations can be gotten. The 100k testing phase, the 500k second phase and the one million phase. So I think it depends on how the Steem Inc team that will be responsible for this delegation sharing and they will give the delegation according to how viable they feel the project is, that's what determine the amount of delegation. But in my opinion, musing is a viable project and when handled to it's fullest, it Will be among one of the five best dapps on the blockchain.

So because of this, I think they should be getting 1 million delegation from steem Inc although I am saying this because of my stances and opinion on the viability of the musing project dapp and I don't know what the Steem Inc answers will be if musing applies.

So based on sentiment I think the idea of musing.io is very legitimate, authentic and brilliant and with the ultimate maximization a f proper handling, musing is amongst the best and that's More reason why I want them to apply and get it. But like I said earlier, it's up to jonching and the musing team.