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Will internet ever be free all over the world?

The short answer is yes and no.

I explain myself better, currently are in  developments countless projects that seek a massive and significant globalization of the Internet all with the firm objective of providing people something that has become almost a right by nature and is access to information. In fact Google has currently set the goal of starting to launch solar-powered hot air balloons that are capable of providing high-speed internet totally free to everyone. However all these projects hardly come out as anticipated and is that currently there are countries dominated by tyrants or without the necessary resources to access the network. 

For example, it will help that there are balloons that provide internal high in the skies in countries where its inhabitants do not even know how to use a computer or even worse where they do not have the resources to buy or access one.

On the other hand in a perfect scenario where there is the connection and the equipment that allow access to the network are also the fences that their rulers constantly put to block free access to information. That's why I consider that everything is relative and will depend on how the world and civilization evolve.

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Maybe not totally free there is a cost providing access. These costs can be reduced by a few ways, We are a long way off from having this. 

Both internet and Items like smart phones will be provided later by industries that wish you to see their advertisement.

The cost of the phone and access to the internet might very well be paid by the company who want you to use their services and see the advertisements they provide through the service.


No, I do not think that will happen. Operating the Internet requires a lot of resources and effort from many stakeholders. So it must be paid in one way or another. It is conceivable (and a bad idea) that a government chooses to pay its taxes, but make no mistake, it is not free.

I know a quote that said "Anything that 's' free' has been paid for. So no place would be more correct than in this case.