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What opportunities will be available for steemit users if steem is traded on all exchanges?

You will have the opportunity to trade STEEM on your preferred exchange, and maybe get some nice trading pairs like USD/STEEM or EUR/STEEM. There's not a lot of benefits to being listed on many or all of them really, except for user preference. But being accepted on big exchanges with a lot of volume tends to also increase the value of the cryptos there, so more listing could certainly lead to a higher price. 


Few good things will happen to us :

For instance we will be at MOON if that happens

Like BTC, we will have pair up tokens and it will bring a lot of focus to our Steem  thus we will see a lot of usage in our token which shall  allow us to see a price surge of steem which is bound to happen.

A lot of new investment will go on and as new money will get in we will get a lot of attention to Steem Blockchain as well. Which will make the communities action rise and we will see a surge of adoption that we have been talking about all the time.

SO overall good news will be coming all along if t ever takes place.