Does anyone know why some feminists march in topless or naked? Thank you.?



Why radical feminists march "topless" or naked?

The answer is simple: Because they confuse nudity with liberation.

If I had the opportunity to meet Emma Watson, a figure of contemporary feminism, I would say the following: The next time you speak to the United Nations, take the blouse underneath with your hands, and in a gesture to take it out, say strongly: " Raise your hand if you want to see my breasts! "Now, look slowly at the audience, and you will notice that the slugs who raised their hands are all men. I only recommend one thing: when you decide to do it, wait until the end of the speech, because once you have shown your breasts, nobody will pay attention, especially men ...

Last year, poor Emma appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair showing her breasts almost entirely. In the note accompanying the cover, Watson relates how she became a feminist: "In the past I was afraid of words like 'feminism', 'patriarchy', 'imperialism'. 

But no more. "However, the article was largely ignored, which is surprising since it had Emma Watson as its main actor, but it's not surprising when you lead a movement with your breasts air, it is difficult for people to take you seriously, especially as an advocate for women's rights.

The criticism did not take long to leave: What is the meaning of walking naked? Watson responded that feminism is about "giving freedom to women, it's about freedom, liberation. The truth is that I have no idea what my tits have to do with feminism. "

That answer surprised me ... If the breasts have nothing to do with feminism, then why do they appear half-naked on the cover of a magazine, or why do they march in the same way? There may be a thousand arguments about why you appreciate the human body. However, what do nudity and liberation have to do with it? Why do feminists show their power by taking off their clothes? Do not they realize that in doing so they lose respect? What do they intend to achieve when they undress, and even worse, write obscenities about their bodies?

Moreover, feminism has waged a struggle for prostitution and polygamy. Since when does feminism fight for the "rights of man"? Because this is not going to favor more than perverted men, of this there is no doubt ... Is it that they do not see it?

But hey, up to here my comment about the topless feminist. And with respect to Emma Watson, sooner or later I'm going to cross it, because we have common acquaintances, and do not worry, I'm going to propose the experiment. Let's hope it comes out of the trap it fell into.


They think that it's the easiest way they can gain attention and make their point. They got your attention that is why you asked this question. If they had protested while dressing properly you won't have bothered to ask this question. Lol

They do it to get people's attention, so that they can pass their message easily


You're talking about slut marches and the like by feminists. The idea is to oppose the Madonna-Whore dichotomy and to make sluttiness more acceptable. Feminists also want complete freedom to advertise their goods and they oppose every type of shaming of women based on their sex or sexual behavior in general.

The Madonna-Whore dichotomy exists because men value certainty of paternity. There is value in female chastity and sexual devotion to one's provider-husband has considerable value on the marriage market. Feminists oppose the entire setup. 

Feminists have, in my opinion, somewhat unrealistic goals. Total gender neutrality is an impractical idea. Why? Because it's women who get pregnant, lactate and mothers are generally what babies and toddlers primarily need as caregivers.  Fathers are very, very important for slightly older kids to bond with. And for kids of all ages, fathers are important as breadwinners. For infants totally dependent on their mothers, fathers as breadwinners are vital. The male role as the breadwinner and as the secondary caretaker and as a mentor for his children, a life-long commitment, means that female sexual fidelity remains as valuable as ever. Female sluttiness as well as open and unhindered hypergamy interfere with women's role as good mothers. That said, I'm not in favor of any kind of shutting out of women from society into their homes as in ultra-conservative societies. Some standards of modesty, sexual discipline and understanding of the female role as the sexual gatekeeper are necessary for society to function.


Everyone loves breasts.

This is good for attracting attention.


I wouldn't know, I'm not a feminist.

My guess is, for attention.