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What is a Miracle? Do you believe in them? Why ... Is there any incident in your life?

A miracle is a supernatural event that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws. It's divinely from God.

Miracles are supernatural events that beat the human minds,it's not logical and it's always remarkable and alarming experience that can happen to someone who believe.

As a Christian I believe very much in miracles, the christain is incomplete without the supernatural, it's insaparable.

When you receive Jesus Christ into your life and become a new creation, that's a big miracle because it's only God that can do that,no man or science can ever do that.

I believe so much in miracles because my life is full of bundles of miracles.

There are people who don't believe in miracles, they believe so much in science and logic that they want a prove and explanation for everything they see or experience,I just laughed when I see such people, they see God at work in men and they say it's fake or they want explanation on how it happened.

When you look at the universe today and see God's creation everywhere,it's a reason to believe that the supernatural exist.

As a Christian I experienced miracles, countless in my life,I had issue with health and I didn't go to the hospital,I just kept praying to God through Jesus Christ and I was totally healed without taking any drugs or going to hospital.

I remember I wrote an exam and I didn't write well at all, based on human calculation am supposed to failed but I kept praying and believing God for a miracle to pass my exams and yes indeed when results came I pass very well,it's a miracle because it's unexplainable.

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Indeed, one involvement specifically emerges to me as marvelous. 

I had torn ligament in my shoulder from a preparation mischance that brought about loss of solidarity in specific scopes of movement. On the off chance that I set my arm in those reaches and had someone else put weight on the arm, it was totally weak. This is the manner by which the specialist at first analyzed me, with an arthrogram accordingly affirming the tear. The arm was always frail and felt as if the shoulder may fly out of attachment. 

After seven years, while laying in overnight boardinghouse a gospel story of Christ recuperating a man, I reflected what it resembles to meet a man who you could solicit to mend any affliction from yours. I shut my eyes and went into a daze where I saw this man grinning at me, showing that he would love to recuperate me. The demeanor all over was finished warmth and generosity. At that point he contacted me and I kind of go out for two seconds. When I opened my eyes, I tried my arm and it was totally reestablished. 

I went to a similar specialist who analyzed me, and after weight testing he affirmed that it was reestablished, in spite of the fact that his solitary reaction to my story was "I won't contend with results." 

This damage was changeless with no expectation of recuperation. Medical procedure was an alternative, anyway it was probably going to re-harm so I selected not to have medical procedure. I realize the arm didn't recuperate bit by bit since I was always mindful of it. It didn't mend step by step, it recuperated immediately when the man in the vision (who I accept to be Christ) contacted me.

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Emmet Fox wrote:, "In other words, miracles, in the popular sense of the word, can and do happen as the result of a change of consciousnes, and a change of consciousness is usually accomplished through prayer. Thus prayer does change things."

In his book, "Around the Year With Emmet Fox", this daily reading is from Novmber 14. No year, since the book can be read over and over from the beginning, as per each day of date dedication. He elaborates that if you can raise the consciousness of an inflicted individual above the limitations of the physical plane, then the conditions on that plane will change and in some unforeseen and normally impossible manner, the limitation will melt away.

So on to looking at our misfortunes in a different perspective, or earthly plane.

Is what's ailing you so bad? I can tell you from very dark tragedies there exists brightness. It may seem like forever when you're in it, and that there is no way to climb out, and that it just gets worse from here, but it doesn't.

Don't allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear, unsettling emotions, or bad circumstance. As sure as the mind is conscious, there is a way to resolve your current standing. You must focus on better things. The conscious mind is a creative force and intelligence that has no limit to what you can think to resolve any situation you come up against.

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