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How & Where can I buy cryptocurrencies by using SBD/Steem from my Steemit wallet?

There are few ways actually 

Personally I use blocktrades but there is a limited number of Cryptos in it while if I do not get the desired Crypto in that list I usually go for Exchanges and those which supports Steem/SBD deposits. Before I mean few months ago there were not that much exchanges that supported STeem/SBD depositis but for the time being there are quite a lot of exchanges that supports them both. 

You can simply send your Steem/SBD via your wallet to any address that will be provided by the exchange. Simply go to your wallet and click on Steem and transfer  the desired amount and get the depositor address from the exchange and send the amount. 

Here are the list of exchanges that supports Steem as deposits and the pair ups of  crypto of them as well.

While compared to steem,  SBD is listed in lesser exchanges. You can see the pairups of them as well.

 The image sources : Coinmarketcap.com

While among them all I do prefer using Bittrex the most as I have been using it from the start and the buyers and sellers are always available in there.


Use blocktrades on Steemit and you can move it to another exchange. Find an exchange that you trust and register. Once you have registered follow the instructions and send the funds from blocktrades. It is straight forward and literally takes minutes to do.



Register an account at bitshares and you can move fund to or from Steemit through it using blocktrades.


If you have already cryptocurrency like BTC or ETH or LTC or any other cryptocurrency then you can buy STEEM or SBD from the exchanges. the major exchanges are Bittrex, Binance etc. You simply go there check the coin of steem or sbd which you wish to buy, if you have BTC. If you have any other cryptocurrency, then first sell that cryptocurrency for BTC and then with that BTC buy steem or sbd. After buying steem or btc you can send them to your steemit wallet.

You can also use through blocktrades and by using blocktrades you can directly buy steem or sbd from you steemit wallet. Again for that you need to have other cryptocurrency like BTC, LTC, ETH, BTS etc. You can check it there in blocktrades.us

The interface of Blockctrades is also very cool and simple and the exchange is also very quick.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I would advise you to use BITTREX. At first you will think it is very difficult but when you use it for a few days you will find it very easy. I have been using BITTREX for a long time. Its biggest advantage is that you will have the opportunity to transfer many COIN and this will cost very low.

Some advantages of this site:

1. From here you will have many opportunities to transfer

2. Here you will spend a lot less your fees

3. Here you can trade

4. It is very easy to get deposited here and can withdraw from here.

Advantages and disadvantages of BLOCKTRADES:

The biggest advantage of the BLOCKTRADES is that it is very easy and allows you to transfer from one coin to another. There are some difficulties with BLOCKTRADES, you are not getting more coins to exchange coins from here. This site will cost you a lot more


Many Exchanges are offering to convert SBD/STEEM to any other coin which is listed out there. 

Bittrex: This Exchange is super fast and secured to transfer your SBD/STEEM and then convert them into BTC first as BTC is the middleman to buy any other coin against your coins. You will get you earned SBD/STEEM within 1 minute there. It is super easy to use. It costs you a few penny.

OpenLedger: STEEM/SBD also listed on this Exchange but it is the worst exchange I have ever seen. Not convenient for many of us. It is difficult to use. Your funds can be locked for specific reasons. 

Blocktrades: This is a quick way to transfer your coins to any wallet and convert them into few listed coins. It costs you high.

Binance: This Exchange is also good to trade your coins. You can buy any other coin using this exchange. Try it

Now STEEM is also listed on Netcoin Exchange. Try it