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In what countries, they have uniforms even in universities?
While reading some interesting comments and chat in the coffee-lounge channel of Steemhunt Discord Server, I came to a comment from @chuuuckie, something like "I am in my university uniform", which was a surprise for me that he has a university uniform because I didn't have in my university. It is possible that even in my country, there would be compulsory to wear a uniform for a university student and I am not aware of that. Let's hope, someone would have the information in this regard ... Anyhow, I am just curious. Thanks & Have a nice day.

Uniforms are adornments, worn by ALL members of a group. It is necessary mainly for identity, protection from hazards,convenient etc. It also instils commitment to the ethos of a group.

Uniforms are compelled in some groups, while mandatory, but not compulsory in others.

Most elementary academic institutions worldwide require compulsory uniform but students. It is also compulsory for staff , engaged in hazardous duties wear protective uniforms like helmets, boots, coveralls etc.

In medicine and ecclessiasical ministries, uniforms are required to reflect dilligence and purity respectively. Surgeons adorn special suits, while clergies are robbed in specific hues to effect the necessary ambience.

While uniform requirements in Universities is not compulsory for scholars,departments and faculties do require some level of uniforms in laboratories . Law students may require to dress reflective of the legal profession in dark suits.

It is therefore necessary that uniforms are enforced as circumstances demands, but not compelled , even in our Universities.

This account for why most universities don't enforce uniforms across board!!