What did you know about crypto currencies before joining Steemit?
Most people still have no clue what a cryptocurrency is?

I didn't know much. I only heard about bitcoin and dodgecoin. Bitcoin mostly because I used to see structures and places that advertise bitcoin investment, trading and training.

I got to know more about cryptocurrencies after joining Steemit. I joined Steemit because I wanted to give value and have the given value rewarded. But Steemit has been more than that.

The platform for has served as a knowledge reservoir not just for cryptocurrencies but virtually on every subject. After joining Steemit, I got to learn about how cryptocurrencies work, their market price value, possible factors that could influence fluctuation of market price, listing on exchange sites, conversion of one cryptocurrency to another, buying, trading, blockchain enabled cryptocurrencies etc.

I also got to learn about cryptocurrency related terminologies like the bear market, bull run, the dip, hodl etc.

A lot many others would admit that they equally got to know more about cryptocurrencies through the steemit platform.

I'm not sure there's any other platform that has exposed the knowledge of cryptocurrencies to millions like Steemit has done.

Steemit will remain a veritable platform for the propagation of knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Thank you for reading.

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I did not know a whole lot about cryptocurrency when I started on the platform. Most of what I have learned, I have learned from researching and reading posts on the steem platform.

Thank you for your question.


I really didn't know much about cryptocurrency before I joined Steemit, although I had bought my first Bitcoin by then. Overtime, most of what I know about cryptocurrency today comes from the knowledge I've gained blogging on Steemit and trading Steem.


Personally I knew nothing,it was after I joined steemit I got to know about airdrops and crypto because of the numerous online lectures going on then amongst steemians......all thanks to steemit


I knew nothing about cryptocurrency until I joined steemit. Steemit made it easy for me. At first, I decided i would not involve myself in cryptocurrencies as I new nothing of it, so that, i would not run at a loss or lose my investments it. It seemed as if the processes of joining, of investing, of trading, of etc in cryptocurrency was a technical and ceremonial one...haha.

Cryptocurrency came with its enticing promises which has pulled through for others but not for me. It only peaked my interest but the interest was not enough to make me engaged in it until steemit. Steemit created a safe ground to excel in with little or no risk at all...yea! Steemit is just too accomodative when it comes to cryptocurrency exploits. #cryptocurrency #experience #newbie #steem


That they always increased in prize and were anonymous transactions

Both turned out to be false (in a way)


I already knew about some cryptocurrencies before joining Steemit. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

I also used the BTC and DGC faucets but not too seriously into the cryptos, just trying to get some free coins.


A lot. I have been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2013 - 2014. I only joined steemit years later in 2018. 


Before joining steemit I didn't have so much knowledge about the cryptocurrency world. Time goes by, I learn to understand the value and financial freedom of cryptocurrency, I studied , do some research, learn how to trade and share my knowledge to my friends and invite them in investing crypto, especially to those one  that you get digital money for free without investing any penny but time. :) 

Steemit/Sola.ai/Kryptonia.io /tasteem.io/ can help you monetize your income. Cheers! :)) 


I discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and spent a lot of time learning about it and messing around in the crypto-space before I discovered STEEM. I joined STEEM in June of 2016 and it has definitely become my favorite corner of the cryptocurrency industry.