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Money is the second god of this world,What is your idea?

If we approach the subject in a general way, and based on the majority of beliefs and behaviors that we can see in today's society I would say YES; and beware if for many it is not the main god. Nowadays in the society in which we live money has become one of the main motivations and problems for people, because who does not have it... wants to have it, who has a little... wants a little more, and who has a lot... is generally blinded by the ambition and wants even more money.

So in conclusion and taking into account the importance in which money has escalated within the precepts of society is unquestionable that good or bad money is becoming one of the gods of today.

And you may think differently or not like it but the truth is that money is important to everyone.


☹☹ I am totally disagree from this statement. I think, money is not every thing. In my thinking, love and care should necessary then the lot of money.

Its true that without money, we cannot survive. From my idea, a little bit of money to fulfil our necessities. A lot of money increases our mind on peak. We start love and give extra importance to money then our beloved.

My personal views is that we should have a money but in a little bit that we just need. We should have a lot of love and care from our beloved.


Money can only become a god of someone if the person allows it controls its life. A god is anything or being that has control over the life of man. Anyone that allows money to determine how he/she acts and treat other people has money as his/her god. Such person can do anything in a bid to acquire money because to such a person life is all about acquiring money

Money is supposed to be our servant, but most of us are allowing it control our lives and determine how we live or what we do, and as a result, it has become the god of some of us. But it's not suppose to be that way


Well to be honest it depends on the situation of that person.

While I personally believe that Money is something that we just need in order to survive in life. So in a way it is juts a tool that will just change from hand to hand. The  impact of it can be huge in some places but it never take the place of a GOD.

Money can either be a blessing or a cursed evil

While it is seen that there are people who are suffering in everyday of their life yet they do believe in the GOD and they are living everyday in their life  and there are those who have lots of money and they take it as the most important thing in their life and at some point they cant even sleep a good nights sleep. 

While in my point of view Money is indeed needed but not as the most important matter.


In my opinion, money is not everything, but everything needs money. This will only determine the quantity of your happiness, not the quality. 


Absolutely yes..

It is either God or Money. Money necessarily doesn't mean Naira or some nation's currency. It is the principle or system in human society that controls and drives the society. JESUS compared God to Money. He said you cannot serve God and Money as well. Why money May not be a being, it is a system that drives the whole world. It drive the politics, culture, lives and every other thing in the system of this world. To have enough of it is to have a great deal of control of the world system.

For something to escape the control and influence of money, that thing has to live beyond the state of human realm of existence. God is one I know to be beyond that and even for him to fully have his way in this world system, he need to have or control that which controls the human society money. The kingdom of God on earth needs money to be under it's belt to effectively control the system of this world that thrives under the influence of money.


For some people money is the only God. They don't care about anyone, only about money.

Money is important, we live in a world where money is a necessary evel but even so, we should not forget we are humans and have to respect each other.

Greed is an ugly thing and can cause many problems, ruin lives. So let's be reasonable, not worship money.


I don't look at money as  god but it's a tool for the material god to gain influence. The material god would be someone that controls the decision making for the resources of this world and has a say on the flow of the future. The second god I believe, is an organization that uses money as a god's tool to exert influence.