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Why do people live in society?

Humans are born as individual beings and social beings.

Humans as individual beings means creatures that are not divided or as a whole. Whereas humans as social beings mean humans are creatures that cannot stand alone and always need the help of others.

Based on the nature of human beings are social creatures, besides that also given a mind that develops and can be developed.

In relation to humans as social beings, humans always live together with other humans. Humans  as individual beings and social beings cannot be separated from each  other, because it is impossible for humans to be able to develop without  an environment or place to develop and interact.

Humans from birth to death always live in society. Several studies have proven that humans are truly social beings who need interaction with the surrounding environment. The  environment can shape personality and human behavior in their  development through the process of getting along, habituating,  imitating, and imitating. So, even though humans have minds that have been taken from birth, the mind cannot develop if there is no environment. That's why humans are said to be weak creatures and need other people and society at any time. 

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People live in a society because it is the most potent source of survival and better life. There is a saying that goes "no man is an island." To be in a society is to maximize the life you are living. It is in society where you get your security, entertainment, career, friends, loved ones and above all FAMILY! Thus, being in a society is LIFE in its fullest sense. 


Because we evolve in a social manner and there is safety in numbers. It has something to do with how our ancestors have adapted better living together than risk going alone and be killed by predators. There is efficiency in gathering resources in numbers. Humans are social creatures after all. We need to interact once in a while or we go bonkers.