What is the next big wave in blockchain after DeFi?

Probably something related to Web3 and oracles of all things. Being able to validate/share/use any type of information you can think of in a fast, easy and reliable way across all platforms, identities and states while putting back ownership of data and decision making in the hands of users. 

Defi is still mostly about financial services, but the decentralized tech behind it could eventually be used for any query of information that requires validation from multiple sources while also allowing different community governance solutions to be easily integrated with consumer products. Fungibility is also a major aspect.

In most cases, databases hardly talk between each-others and need to be maintained by private entities. As a user of a certain platform or a citizen of a state you don't always have a say on where/how your data and the content you create is used, shared or stored. Most of the time it is literally stored on a private land somewhere on a server farm and in the case of government/public records it's not always fast and easy to access information. 

When information is stored on the Blockchain it will be there forever and anyone can access it as long as the chain is kept alive by the network. In some cases entities don't want to share their information because they want to keep their advantages over others, but public blockchain projects have the potential to enable anyone to put any information to use. Projects can build on top of one another creating a web of interconnectivity. 

Although let's not be blind to the fact that certain sensitive informations should be kept private and that blockchains won't be able to save the world form all of its problems.