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How can a person get a job without license?

Not everyone needs a licence in order to get a job.

I know lots of people who can't drive and they all work. catching a train or a bus is not ideal but if you are working in a large city it is the most convenient way of travelling.

I have always had a licence from when I was first allowed to have one. Not all my jobs required driving. If you obviously are going for a job that requires driving then you will need a licence.


It depends on what field you are trying to get into. Licenses do help you land better job positions though. Some jobs just require proof you are capable of handling the task required. As an example, freelance illustration jobs don't necessarily ask for any degrees as long as you have a portfolio that showcases you are competent at the service you want to advertise. Even a hobbyist can land a job without a license. However, there are limitations when you want to consider entering a company where promotions will require licenses often times.