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What are the Methods for earning money online?
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There are some methods which someone can
Use to earn money online,but you need to first of all have a good internet connection because you
Will need a good internet to start doing online
Business and start earning money right from hone
Or anywhere in the world,online business is a very
Good business that anyone can do if they really want to do it and it is fun too

Some methods like affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money online,affiliate marketing is one of the oldest method of making money online
The method is consistent in terms of earning good income on the internet..there are some websites like clickbank.com that enables you to help some
People to promote their products and you will
Earn commision from any sales that you get

Another good method you can use to make money is dropshipping,dropshipping is a very lovely business too,though some people count is as a fading method of earning money online

Online article writing is also a good way of earning money online but for you to earn money with this method then you need to be a good writer or at least have a writing skills
There are many way to earn money online . I will share here some of them.
1> crypto trading :- First thing to understand crypto is subject to market risk. You can earn here lots of money buy holding some good coin and trading based on technical analysis or fundamental analysis. But high reward means high risk. You can learn how to trading on youtube. And start crypto trading.

2> blogging:- we all know steemit, scorum , and many site are giving rewards for post. And some site running since 2 or 3 year and they are working continuously.
So create account any of that site and start content writing.

3> Youtube:- you can make video and share on youtube if you start something unique then there is chance to grow fast on youtube.you can earn huge money from youtube.

4> playing games :- you can earn money by just playing game like rummy circle is site in india where you can play 13 card rummy with other online players and earn money just wining games. Also there is many site are provide games for money.

5> affiliate marketing : this is best option for online earning. You can open affiliate account on amazon and flipkart site where you will get some % on every product if any user by product through your link. And if you have site you can add some product on your site and if any person order any product through your site you will get some % its depends on product some to you get up to 20%
I personally think there are three methods to make money online or it can be said online business (choose a field that likes, learn it and try it)Your example has the ability in the blockchain field is not wrong if you try it and learn more about it.
There are many methods we can earn online money they are as follows:-
1) Make your own coin with some unique concept and bring it to major exchanges you can earn huge amount of money if your token or coin get famous.

2)Do blogging if you are interested in writing this is the best ways to earn money.

3)Work on steemit and musing you will get upvote on best question and answers and get paid for writing blogs.

4)Youtube is the best way to have large community and get paid for views.

5)Presearch is the also the best way for searching normal like google and you will get PRE token if you search on their platform.

6)Chamash:- it is the best way for indian customer to earn money and now it available in US also download and complete the task you can make money.