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What is your personal perception about life?

First thing about life, that is always visible for anybody to see, is that life is beautiful! Very beautiful. I mean you only have to look around and everywhere you'll find terrific examples of this beauty. The trees the birds the grasses, even the human-beings all around.

Incidentally *My* principle of life, ever since I grew old enough to be able to exercise my cognitive capabilities to a tangible extent, is always to acknowledge and appreciate the DUALITY of things.

It may be my obsession with philosophy--especially Eastern philosophy--from a young age, but every time I think of anything now regarding life I always do so with this Duality in mind. And what is this duality, you ask? Yin and Yang. Light and Dark. Stillness and movement. This is the duality of life. The resolution and unity of opposites. This is what makes life beautiful and worth living.

Sometimes we are quick to deplore these opposites, and sometimes we get frustrated by them, but we forget that the very essence of life is derived from them. Imagine if everything was good and there was no bad, and everywhere was filled with rainbows and unicorns and sunshine and all the rest. It may be beautiful in its own way, but I assure you it will also be boring and uninspiring as hell.

Or consider a place filled with darkness, utter darkness with no light. Again it may be beautiful in its own way--yes it may--but in the end it will be too gloomy and too overwhening, for us to derive any lasting joy from it.

But the way life is set up, is the dual way. The way of unity. The way of opposites. Darkness has its time. Light has its time. And It is the way they complement each other that really makes life worth living. You enjoy a little bit of light then a little bit of darkness then a little bit of light. And it is because of this cycle, this resolution, that life is beautiful. It is because of this darkness that we're able to enjoy the light.

There's a philosophy of Socrates that nothing exists on his on as a whole of itself without needing its opposite to complete it. Socrates argued that there is no "tallness", because without understanding what "shortness" is tallness doesn't exist. And so it goes for light and dark and up and down and so on.

And practically we see it in our everyday lives too, and the total summation of our experience on earth; the essence of what is called "LIFE" is nothing more than the brilliant interactions of opposite. You were young, now you are old. You were short now you are tall. Without sadness there can't be happiness and without suffering we can't really know the beauty that is there in happiness and living a comfortable life.

And then comes the greatest opposite of all. Life and Death itself. Without death, without the possibility that one day we will all cease to exist, cease to enjoy the beauty there is around us for free, none of us would really value or understand the true beauty of life.

So that is my principle. To cherish the presence of this opposite. To understand their beauty and necessity, so that when trials and tribulations come my way I can take them with stoic passion and understanding, and be able to enjoy the positives in life when they finally come my way.

To understand more about these philosophy I'd recommend getting familiar with Eastern philosophies on the basic level, from the Taoist Tao Te Ching to The Cloud of Unknowing, the writings of Sankara, Eckart, the Upanishads and so on. You may also consider The Perennial Philosphy by Aldous Huxley.

Cheers and have a nice day.


Life a gift. Have you ever thought of the chance of your birth? There were a lot of sperm and egg, and you were born. Be grateful for your life. Stop complaining about everything because people don't care about complaining. If you only complain, that will not get you anywhere. Stop complaining and start doing.

Life is a way of discovering yourself. If you are in a journey, you do not know for sure what will come up next. When you were a kid, you had a lot of things in mind. You wanted to do a lot of things. You went to school, college and university. You try to understand what you really want in life. You think you will do a job in a company. That will make you happy.

After getting the job, you realize this is not what you think it is. Then you move to another  journey to find yourself. You figure out what it is that you really want in life. You are just discovering yourself.

Life is beautiful. Whatever you do in life, we all want to be happy. You want to be happy in your personal life as well as professional life. You want to make money because you need money to live and fulfill your needs that make you happy. You want to find the right man/girl because he/she is the one who loves you more than anything and you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her.

Life is a challenge. You have to face different things in life that you might have never imagined before. Life is not a bed of roses. It is not always sunshine, butterfly and rainbows. You have to go through tough time. You have to be strong and believe in yourself. You have to face the challenge and move on. 

Life is the summation of time. If someone is born today, he/she has time. After a certain period of time, we will be no more. So you have a specific period of time. If you have a dream and you want to do something, just do it. Regret is one of the most painful things in life. If you talk to old people and when the conversation starts with "I wish I would," that makes you really scared. They are running out of time. But you have time. So do something about it.

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During these last months I have been giving a series of talks with the title "Illusion, exciting," which due to the good acceptance that has been on the part of the attendees and the samples of love and gratitude received, I will summarize in different articles for try to make them reach also those little viruses of illusion and joy that we all need.

The aim of these talks has been to try to get out of the desert of sadness and discouragement and discover the source of happiness, taking as a reference a clear message from Mother Teresa of Calcutta: "Let no one ever come to you without leaving you feel a little better and happier. "


Life is wonderful, but you have to discover it every day.

In the song of the group "Efecto pasillo", we discovered that the important thing is to feel good: "When I feel good, the pan does not stick, the tortilla comes out round, I find parking at first, the traffic lights in green, I admire the light of the sun, I transmit my smile to the people I am licensed in love and joy, I smell spring, I am able to solve the problems of all people "...

But how can I feel good?

Life is wonderful and we have to discover it every day with those little things that are around us. We have to delude ourselves discovering our five senses (with sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) and deeply feel what we receive with each of them.

I go out to walk very early and I see the amount of life around me. Life is wonderful to the extent that you feel it inside you, with all your senses, looking at the sky and seeing its color, the sunlight, feeling how your body lights up, feeling the freshness of dawn on each one of the cells of your body, breathing the pure air feeling how it travels inside you and purifies you, smelling that smell in the countryside, listening to silence, peace, tranquility, the chirping of birds and why not, savoring a bread freshly made, having a coffee next to the people you love, or just you just thinking about them and entering their lives in the distance.

Life is wonderful, but where is it? We have to discover it. We live in a sad world, full of selfishness. But the world is not made only, the world we do. We are in a desert (lacking in hope, joy ...) and we have to discover the source of happiness.

Life is living. We have to unclog the lid of the container to discover that this wonderful life is inside us, inside each one of us and in each one of you. We have to live and go out into the world to build that wonderful life.

I have an obligation to make the one in front happy. This is not the other way around. You have to give in order to receive.

My colleagues give me gifts. I do not understand why. I simply pretend to infect my joy, my illusion, my vision of life. I try to transmit joy and inject optimism. I love people, I listen to them, I support them, I encourage them.

Life is wonderful and we have to discover it every day with those little things that are around us. Luis Galindo says: "Whoever expects great happiness, loses the little joys".

Life challenges us each day in its environment, at home, with the family, with the children, at work, with their team, and we get chula wondering: What can not you? Are you going to be able? Are you going to have strength? And you have to face it with the same cockiness, because it is in you, in your courage, in your strength, in your confidence in yourself, in your attitude, in your desire to achieve your purposes, that you respond with the same cockiness : "I want, I can and I'm going to get it". That is when the magic of motivation occurs, when we take this first step and when we put our heart to our actions and our projects.

The problems are like a washing machine: they twist us, they spin us, they squeeze us, but in the end we came out cleaner, brighter and much better than we were.

How many things have you done in your life that you thought you could not? Confidence in yourself is your success.

Life is living. There are many people who are dead before they die. we must take advantage of the last thread of life that we have left.

Do not go defeatist. You can be wrong, but you should not move your concerns to the opposite but rather illusion for him, for his things, for his successes and that will make your situation better. You have to give in order to receive. The mood is received encouraging. Who gives smiles, receives smiles.

Do not think about the future. Keep in mind that The future does not exist. It's like a painting, it does not exist until you paint the canvas. The future does not exist, it is a result of what you do today.

Life is not fair. Because to find you have to search. Because it is not a straight path. Because there are many obstacles in that path that make you stumble. Because getting or getting is effort. Because there are facts and events that should not happen.

Yes, there are many unjust things, but that does not have us and it should not paralyze us. We have to choose to be happy or unhappy despite that injustice of life.

The mistake is that you do not want to play, that you let everyone in the game of life participate except you, that you pass on implications, decisions, actions, strategy and any risk. But what you do not realize is that in that game, in that game, we are all and if you do not want to move a chip, the game will continue anyway and everything that is done or decided will affect you even if you have not taken part. You are a key piece of the world's puzzle. And while you do not occupy your position, the image will be unfinished.

Life is a wonderful game in which you can influence the enthusiasm, enthusiasm, smile, joy and happiness of many people. Is not it wonderful? Emotions are contagious. We are the emotions that we communicate. Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel great is growing up, but making those around you great is even more enriching.

Life will be as wonderful as you paint it. It can be a Van Gogh, a Velázquez, a Monet, a Picasso or a simple grafitti.

The great objective is to make our life a work of art, day by day, moment by moment.

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change" (Wayne Dier)

Listen to what Louis Amstrong tells us in this song ("What a Wonderful World"):

Life is unfair. And you are not unfair to your decisions? And a father with his children? And a teacher, a coach, a doctor, a boss ...?

We demand the outstanding to our children, and if they ask us if we also get the outstanding as parents, in our work, with our partner, with friends ...?

Many times the decisions (the circumstances), are not understood until the results arrive.

Bill Gates said: "Life is not fair, get used to it." And it is true, it is not a path of roses, the sun does not always appear, we do not always see smiles, the music does not always sing a pleasant melody, we do not always listen to what we want or we receive the love we need, we do not always receive the prize that we deserve. But in turn, it is not a path of thorns, it does not always rain or it is cold, we do not always see serious faces, not always the music is unbearable and there is not always a storm and at the same time it is wonderful when we see the sun, the sky, the mountains, water in the rivers, the sea, the smile of a child, family, friends ...

Eckhart Tolle: "Whatever you think the world is not giving you is maybe because you are not giving it to the world. The practice is to give what you want to receive. Abundance is always born of you ». You know: what you give, you give it; What you do not give, you take it away.

Always look at the brighter side of life and if it does not exist, then rub the dark side until it shines.

Life is the greatest game of all. I assure you that if you play well, if you follow the rules, those rules that are the fundamental values ​​of the person, you will travel unsuspected paths leaving an important mark, you will see amazing facts, you will do things that you never imagined, you will build your destiny little by little, you will be able to make true friendships, you will participate and you will be protagonist in the most varied situations, you will have in your hand the possibility of realizing your dreams, you will know the love, you will receive the affection and the recognition of those around you, you will be satisfied with yourself, you will get respect for your Well done and not by your power, you will be in the hearts of many people. In short, you can become the happiest person in the world and what is most wonderful, making others happy.


To sum it all up and somewhat describe myself in just two words: Semi-Nihilistic!

Life is simply what we want it to be. We create our own beliefs about the world depending on what we personally went through and/or experienced.

Personally for me, Life is all about making decisions based on how we objectively perceived reality rather than rely on our beliefs and emotions.

So yeah I guess my point is only: Life is simply how we view reality. :)


For me life is a continuous discovery of how do we want to be and how do we want to do in the future. Our journey is different and so our commitment and devotion to things. Everything we met in our journey will play an important part to what we will be.

A constant seek of learning and truth is what our journey will be. That whatever we face, we gain something from it. A simple thought that life can be made rather than to be destined. We are the author of our life. We are the director of everything and our choices affect the most out of us.

We should know that whatever we do, it plays and seek an important part of your journey. It plays a big part of your understanding about life.


Life is loaded with discernments… Some has positive and some steadfastly have negative. Discernments are computer generated reality so its in every case great to taste reality and have the truth as a main priority..

Perception...What does it mean? I won't go into its general meaning, however can state it is a sort of creative ability about a thing, a living component, a subject which our brain makes for all intents and purposes.

I featured the word for all intents and purposes with some expectation, as observations can not be genuine but rather the other way around has a few shots. How the recognitions get create? So there are no a specific method to make those, they produce in ones personality when one picture the thing, or contemplates the subject without having any earlier learning about it. It points of confinement to our brain to think past which is the reason because of one can not achieve the truth.

We do contemplate a thing without knowing completely. This is because of interest of mind which has a tendency to envision more. We have observation about different religious convictions, identity, thinking capacity, nature and loads of something beyond. However, actually the truth is constantly obscure. On the off chance that you have some tea before you at that point don't think much is sugar included it or not. Simply have it and you will become more acquainted with the truth.

The equivalent is connected, on the off chance that you need to think about a man, go and have a discussion, it may change your discernment about some broaden.

"Clean the observations, reality will take you towards reality of life..."