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Why we live in the world must worship God?

I disagree with the assumptions of this question. I don't think we live in a world that must worship God. 

Although I, myself, believe in God and attend mass to give praise and worship, that is not something I am required to do. I chose to do it because of my free will. So, in the same sense, others are also free to not believe in God or any god, and they don't have to worship, either. That is why we have atheists and agnostics, who are free to exercise their belief that God does not exist or that the existence of God cannot be proven, respectively. 


We live must make choices and beliefs, because we are created by God and God created humans is to worship Him. Humans but for them to worship God. The only human task is worship, not limited to ritual activities, but all human activities must be intended for worship.

So much, we can't even calculate it. when your Lord declares, actually if you are grateful, God will add (favor) to you.

Our Lord in this life, that promise has been put forward by our spirit since we were still in the womb.