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What is the best way to get the recent questions on musing?

I use "New" tab for getting the new questions, and it shows the latest one almost every time, but...

Sometimes, it displayed the old questions as well. I think it shows the new questions with the questions, which are recently answered or answered at that time, or might be it is some kind of bug ... I don't know exactly.

Whatever the case, you can get the latest questions displayed by clicking the "New" tab.


- Click on 'View All' next to questions asked.

- Click on 'New'

That's it.


Click on the 'three dot' option after the 'Search' logo on the Top left corner on the musing page, you will see a variety of options popping up. Click on 'Answer' you will see a range of questions asked from the most recent to the ones that have been previously asked.