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What do you think occur on account of the religious extremists?Do you think they wind up radical on account of their visually impaired confidence in religion or they end up like that when they are misdirected by somebody?
I trust individuals wind up radical since they generally have a type of visually impaired conviction to their religion.But a few people say it isn't the confidence to religion yet the wrong instruction about religion which make individuals a religious fanatic. Do you consent to that?

In cases of religious extremism and people who went on to become extremists they would have gone through a process of radicalization these processes involved total changing of their original opinion, inculcation of a new mindset, a total twisting of the original intention of the holy book of the quran another total political education based on ignorance and violence, as well as teaching them political apathy towards certain personalities so that they can be able to carry out crimes against their nation, other nation no matter the circumstances. All these processes are being taught them by a person, an entity or an organisation.

People do not just become religious extremists not because they lose confidence or develop a confidence towards a certain cause by themselves it takes so much more to become an extremist people need causes and intentions as well as reasons why to become extremists and they just don't develop it by being visually impaired in their confidence it is this organisation or persons that reminds them the reason why, it could be a jihad movement or it could be an anti political movement, some other times it could be something different all I know is that people who become extremists go through rigorous processes of brainwashing and a new core principles and belief is being implanted in them so that whenever they are causing unrest or destroying lives and property they do it with total consciousness without remorse because they now have a cause to justify their actions.

So extrovert are not just misdirected by someone they undergo a total or rigorous process of change that is change in their core values, a change in their perception and conceptualization the total imbibing of new set of principal and belief of which they are to live by and also die by so believe me it takes a whole lot of time to make someone an extremist however people do not the come extremists by themselves that is why when an extremist is totally born some can go as far as killing themselves in order to kill other people


 Being a religion extremists has nothing to do with a religion, and more with the state of mind of the victim. Yes victim, because of a traumatized experience in the past, did these individuals create a split personality, what can be fed with extreme ideas to brainwash people.

Which means, people who lost family members, partners or have seen extreme violence or who had a difficult youth can be brainwashed, to create a ego to defend themselves against who ever they blame are the problems in their lives.

The CIA created a program for this back in the 60's/70's, what is called operation MK-Ultra.

>An agent named George White wrote to Gottlieb in 1971: “Of course I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”


This strategy is not invented by the CIA and is part of our history from the beginning of time, and the Romans might be one of the first organized societies who used propaganda to brainwash his citizens and soldiers, who had to fight their wars. They used staged theater fights to tell a story, what they wanted the citizens to hear.

Nowadays they are using movies to spread subliminal messages and the media to share stories what they want the public to hear. That is to change the public opinion into the favor they want, and they can do that because most of the masses are ignorant regard this subject of mind control or the power of the mind.

Many are clueless about brainwashing or mind control, and think it only happens in the movies, however the truth is everyone can be brainwashed or is already brainwashed, but on different levels.

It can be your partner, family members, neighbor or politicians, and everyone on a different level. Like a married woman can be brainwashed to do what ever the husband desires, or a co worker can be brainwashed to do what ever the boss wants, these guys are those ass kissers from the boss.

Or even police officers can be brainwashed to think that the enemy are black kids or immogrants on the streets or even criminals are the enemies, while there job is to obey the law and to keep citizens safe.

That saying, everyone can turn into a extremist person if he gets brainwashed by someone who manipulated his tortured mind, by feeding his ego with information. But this only works with people who has experienced inhuman behavior.

It's like a different personality gets created after a traumatized situation, who will split their individuality in two. Where one is the real mind, and the other is the traumatized mind. The traumatized mind is the protector of the "human"mind, which can be feed with extreme ideas, to protect the part human mind for further damage.

This can be done with everyone who was traumatized, or had a violence past, or experienced rape, abuse or lost family members and partners. Those traumatized minds can be feed with extreme information, to make sure that what ever happen in the past, will never happen again!

Like those guys who did the attacks in Paris, turned out to be young man who grew up in Brussels, and had a traumatized youth, and they drank alcohol and smoked weed and did not live by the laws of the Islam. But where vulnerable by extreme ideas, what brainwashed them to commit those violent attacks.

And on the same time the media is saying, that Muslims extremist did a terrorist attack, with the goal to convince the public that the real problem is not the extremist, but more or less the Islam! While the truth is, the Islam had nothing to do with those attacks, They should have said, sick minded young man did some terrorist attacks, and we need to find the people who manipulated them.

Because if they don't find those people, then they can manipulate sooner or later someone else, and then it will go on and on and on. And only because the public got brainwashed to think that the only answer behind those attacks are religion.

Another example is Adolf Hitler, his hate towards the Jews came from he experiences in his youth, and the goal to dominate the world came from the anger and shame he felt after the German army surrendered in 1918. He was a sergeant back then and was one of the many soldiers from the first War, who felt betrayed by their own government, after Germany surrendered to the Allies in 1918.

In fact his inner circle of the Nazi's, were almost all first world war veterans, who could not wait to get revenge for the first world war. They were all traumatized minds, who where feed by a ideology what was created by Hitler.

Same thing happen in Russia, before the big revolution was Russia dominated by corporations who abused his workers to do crazy things. Then from those ashes came Lenin and created communism, to support those workers and to create a huge revolution.

How different the world would have be, if people where not used or abused to work or force them into criminals?

Chance might be big that Stalin would have been a normal father for his family. But that did not happen and he changes into the worst extreme person of all times. He killed more people then Hitler! This also count for every extreme leader in our history, they all had a extreme past.

Like Dzjengis khan, Pol Pot, idi Amin and many more had all a traumatized past and they changed into Ice cold killers, who murdered millions. But the truth is, they were all humans like you and me, they all feel pain, love and everything else like us. And religion had nothing to do with them.

Now im not saying religion is good or bad, im only saying being a extremist has nothing to do with religion, and more with a traumatized soul which got brainwashed to do inhuman actions.

That saying, there is no magic book what turn people into killers, there are no words what can make someone a extremist. There are only actions what can hide the human soul within someone, and actions to create a monster in the same person.

And i personally think that society is making mistakes to judge those people, kill them or sent them away into prison for life. Because those people needs the society to regain their humanity, and that can be difficult when someone does something extreme. But keep in mind that this can work as a domino effect, if those traumatized people create victims, and then it will go on and on and on.

Now im not saying that those extreme people should be free in our society, im only saying that they need a place to regain their humanity back. That saying, all they need is love is latterly true if you ask me.! 

Ignorance about who we are or about the power of the mind or about our humanity is the source of all evil!