How would life be without religion?

It's a very loaded question.

There are many ways to look at it.

I live without religion, but in a religious culture.

I have no idea how that culture would look like without the influence of the religion.

Perhaps it would be all the same, just different symbolism. 

My life as much as I would love to control it, is mostly influenced by the environment. 

On an individual level, if tomorrow all religion disappear, My way of life would not change in the slightest. 

I would still work, think, laugh, play, love and care for my family and fellow humans, and brothers animals.

What religion brings to the picture is dogma. 

While religions tend to evolve, they do that much slower than the human mind and society. So you could say that religious dogma holds us back.

It's usually not false, but also not necessarily true.

Even without religion, we know that rape is bad, that murder is wrong, that theft is harmful. Religion reassuring us about those instincts is not going to hold us back.

But not all religions hold the same dogma.

I don't remember who said this first:

"Religion don't make bad people do good things but it sure can make good people do bad things." Or something along those lines.

Religion, every individuals one of them is ultimately a distinct ideology.

If you can imagine the world without a certain ideology, you can imagine the world without a certain religion.

Saying, "I wonder how the life be without Islam" is fundamentally no different than saying "I wonder how the life be without communism".

Yeah, it would be different for many, but the same for most.

History would have different events but it would be pretty much the same.

Religious wars? Okay, no more those.

We still would have wars of ideology. What's the difference? There isn't one. 


This is a hard question, and there might be many ways to answer it.

I think that religion was necessary, once. I read somewhere that the society has rules to prevent people from doing evil actions; however, what happens when you cannot be seen while committing a crime? After all, the people who are responsible for order in a society cannot watch you all time. This is why there is a god to watch you all the time, and punish you, if necessary.

Religion offers you answers to questions such as where did we come from, why are we here, what happens when we die etc. It also advises (or commands) you to be a good person,  Nevertheless, do we really need religion to become good people? I doubt it. There are a lot of religious people who are horrible, and a lot of atheists who are very good. So, it is not the religion itself that makes us good, but it is our choices. If you read a holy book and think "I shouldn't kill or steal because I will be punished in the next life," then you are not on the right path.

In my opinion, if religions of today would disappear, religions that do not exist now will come to life. The desire to believe in a supreme power makes people feel good. Even with the technological improvements and the advances in science, there are some answers that we cannot find (yet). It is easy to say "God did it." 

Long story short, there wouldn't be any change for me if live would be without religion. I would still be the same person.  However, when you say "what would be life without religions," I assume that we have all the answers to questions that religions offer answers to. Even then, there would still be people believing in religions.


The truth is that religion gives people a purpose, it gives them a certain balance and closure that there is a spiritual entity (God) which is always present to come to their aid in time of need, in time of danger and even in trying times, if you remove this from people's lives they will lose a certain degree of commitments and responsibility as well.

As we all know religion include so many denominations for example Christianity, and Christians believe in heaven where we're going to raptured into as a result of doing God's commandment, obeying his words living a total live of morality and staying away from crime, now religion is definitely not godliness however religion is the forerunner of godliness, if people do to have this there will be no control on their lives, the urge to live right will not suffice because that feeling of having respect for a sovereignty above mankind will be lacking which means without religion, people may lose their humanity through crimes and dangerous livings.

Another thing is that being religious makes people responible for something without religion in life people will never embrace responsibilities, they will never care about putting someone first before themselves, religion makes people want to behave according to set down laws and rules and objectives.

Lastly without religion there will be no diversity in belief and faith people will have only dark and cold concept of their existence.


Life without religion will be interesting. Actually, very interesting. Interesting might be complicated or less complicated ; interesting can be fun or not as much fun ; interesting can be good or not as good.

With religion we already have so much issues as it is now but problem is, we can't tell if without religion we'll be worse than or better.

Some persons might conclude that religion is curbing evil (trust me, you don't want me to delve into what evil really is) directing our paths, lighting our ways and pulling us towards the right tracks .

Some other persons might conclude that religion has separated us far more than any other issue in the world today that we find various division even in a particular religion.

I am what you can call a "good Christian" but still as confused about what Christianity really is just as any other non -christain. With all the ruckus going on in Christianity, its hard to tell. Just to mention a few,we have the Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Charismatic each having different method of worship, "same" God; it turns out to be disturbing how wide the rift can go.

If only we can have just one religion, we'll be better but that will be eliminating the idea of choice,if we can have NO religion that will be great but at the same time be undiluted slavery.

Man wants to believe in a higher being, wants to hold something or someone responsible for the choices they make. The atheist believe there are only choices and consequences; man should take responsibility for any choice made and also we control our lives by ourselves with

the choices we make but then again I think it's an amazing yet scary phenomenon

for man to accept that we caused everything and anything that happens to us.

Conclusively, we can only imagine to our capabilities both limited and unlimited how life without religion will be but we can not discern if we'll have a better life or take a noose dive from where and what we are today. Personally, I have lived a my life so far knowing how religion has affected us all, I'll like experience how NO religion will affect us all..

Stay safe.


A life without religion is actually much the same as nourishment without salt.

Religion is only a lifestyle. It makes one to learn discipline,dedication and course. It causes one to accomplish points, destinations and understand the motivation behind life. Religion is your very own adventure confidence, without being partialities and gives motivation to spread love, harmony and fellowship and expels nervousness, push and dread. It answers inquiries past rationale.


There will no 'separation' based on 'religion'. 

'Psychological warfare' based on religion will stop to exist. 

As there will be no separation, individuals can undoubtedly visit any nation they like without stressing over being segregated due to their religion. So it gives you opportunity to travel wherever you need. 

Religion has turned out to be one of the real reasons for the universal and extremist mindset of the general population, a nonattendance of religion would make them progressive and open to new thoughts. 

Religion has likewise turned out to be one of the fundamental reasons why numerous nations are not creating. In the event that there's no religion, there would be one less block in the way of advancement. 

As individuals think about their religion to be prevalent than that of others, a nonappearance of religion implies there would be 'Correspondence' all over the place. Everybody will be dealt with similarly and nobody will be made a decision based on religion. 

'Simplicity of organization'- Many nations (for eg:- India) think that its hard to keep up harmony and congruity in view of the general population of various religions living respectively, a nonappearance of religion would guarantee that there will be no collective mobs. Governments will think that its simple to oversee their countries without agonizing over the issues that could some way or another emerge because of the religion. 

The world will advance significantly more quickly than it is doing now. Instruction will turn into the focal point of Life and individuals will begin thinking intelligently as opposed to thinking everything aimlessly.


You mean in general? For humanity? That's very hard to imagine because the human mind is wired in such a way as to have given rise to religion very early in the history of our species. We personify things, ascribe a mind to complex non-living things and phenomena we do not understand and recognize patters where there aren't any. It was completely impossible for our distant ancestors who were just as capable of symbolic thinking as we are not to develop religions having such scant knowledge of how the universe really works. 

If you mean individual societies, then you only need to look at communist states. They had no official religion and religion was not openly practiced. Interestingly, even though the supernatural aspect of religion was absent, the official ideology had mane quasi-religious elements to it. Strikingly, the linear progression towards communist utopia predicted by Marxist theory shares some elements with the Christian doctrine of salvation. The course of history was supposedly preordained and would inevitably lead to its conclusion: a communist utopia with of abundance and freedom from struggle. 

Religion is such a multi-faceted phenomenon that it is really hard to imagine society without any aspect of it. Even today's most advanced societies where the popularity of religion is quite low cannot help but benefit from the legacy of Christian theological and philosophical thought. 


Yes here are the ways that being religion less for a single day would matter in lives surveys reveal that those who regularly attend religious services are considerably more inclined to get preventive medical care in advance of becoming ill.

In other words, those who nurture their spirit tend to do the same with their physical being.


You ought to most likely comprehend why religion is even there in any case and the job it plays for individuals amid a specific stage in their improvement. Every single significant religion originated from the insight of Kabbalah. It's likewise the wellspring of Greek Philosophy as they didn't know how to make an interpretation of this Hebrew word into greek. There are exceptionally exact responses to the inquiries of for what reason are we here and what's the significance of this. They don't have anything to do with ethics or morals. These answers came to us from individuals who've achieved that motivation behind nature. They reveal to us that we are all basically 'want to get delight'. At any minute we are driven by some craving. We climb a stepping stool of wants from the more bestial ones like sustenance, sex, and family to all the more socially-subordinate human wants like cash, respect, and power, to the most astounding want for information. At the point when a longing is unfulfilled (I'm eager), or when the light from a future satisfaction doesn't sparkle on my current want (I work since I know will get a paycheck), we feel fear, uneasiness, torment. All religions were transitory intends to mitigate those apprehensions for most people as we grew by and large since the beginning. Sooner or later, nature stirs in us an alternate want. It's classified "the point in the heart" and it's the sort of want that can't be filled by anything in this world. It can't be filled by mental impacts either. It needs to feel and sense with conviction simply like you can feel and sense gravity. At the point when a man feel that longing, they normally start to move far from their current state and conviction framework and they start to request answers to more profound inquiries. The shrewdness of Kabbalah is that science that clarifies each one of those things. It was the Kabbalists who began the Jewish religion which offered ascend to alternate religions also. It was Kabbalists who've proliferated a significant number of the further developed types of Eastern Philosophies. Also, it was Kabbalah - misconstrued and misjudged - which energized many long stretches of superstition and exclusive idea. It was all piece of our improvement as people and all things considered. Yet, nature has a greater arrangement and when we have such inquiries it implies we're prepared to catch wind of it. BTW, in hebrew the numeric estimation of the word God (Elohim) is the equivalent as Nature (Hateva). It's essentially an arrangement of laws. When you know the law you can work with it and advance. When you don't, you get injured. Exceptionally straightforward. I'd search for more answers here. Appreciate this new want!


Religion gives people a belief to continuously following what they believe. Basically, all religions aim to a better world, better life. A life without religion can be quite difficult, especially when people lost their faith in pretty much anything.


I wonder what would have become of human being without religion because the life we are living in now, even with the religion some of us are still in atrocities. Life without religion will just be like a country without law where every one do whatever he or she likes.

Everyone in the world will be living like a god because there will be no human feeling or sympathy and forgiveness for one another because there is no religion to guide us and also teach us how to have feeling, forgive for one another.

Crimes, killings and other atrocities would  have be like just normal things in this world, 95% of human being will never forgive each other in term of misunderstanding and everyone would like to revenge whatever someone did to them, because you won't have feeling of guilty or been judge after it.

Finally i think world will be in doom without religion.