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What do you think of these Chinese cars?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H08zLFsO8HI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3zBEOqfkGk

Personally I wouldn't buy one. I was offered an agency for two different Chinese car manufacturers a few years back and the quality was horrendous. It was all about profit and if you new what the cost was before mark up you wouldn't climb in one.

These may be fine as a run around but what is a common trait with 90 percent of Chinese products is they cut corners. I have been dealing with Chinese companies for over 15 years now. Certain areas have improved like the availability of spares but the quality has stayed roughly the same.


ependera the use you want to give.

First of all, CHINESE PRODUCTS ARE DISPOSABLE. Everything is built with profit in mind, not product quality.

If it is for personal use I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.

This car would exaggeratedly have a useful life of 6 months from my point of view.

For business.

It would be a good proposal and investment of HIG RISK.

But, the country that decides to take it does not charge import tariffs, they are light, they would enter several in a 40ft container.

Energy would be free. If you have solar stations, or otherwise the energy would be cheaper in Latin American countries.

In cities with flat terrain, and with speeds between 30km / h in the urban area, you could calmly use them as a taxi.

It would be more competitive for other taxi companies and a lower rate.

For what would have a high performance.

I just made calculations and with a minimum run of 1 usd every 10 minutes, I could recover the investment of a car in 2 to 3 months quietly.

The difficulty will be the resistance of the vehicle. You should buy spare parts and learn to repair it, because sending a Chinese mechanic would be very expensive