What are your practical steps for reducing stress?

Just so you know, stress is the emotionAL or physical state of tension that causes fristration. Stress can be acute or it can be chrinic. The acute stress occurs for a short while and the chronic occurs for a long while. THE body reaponds to high demand's by getting stressed. Stress can lead to anxiety and anxiety to depression which ultimately fuels suicide. We should do well to reduce stress. Practical steps you can take to eliminate stress are.

1. Rest

The importance of rest should not be underrated as it is the best form of rebooting the brain and giving the body ad soul the calm it need. When you feel stressed, just leave what you're doing and take a good rest.

2. Exercise

Exercising is not just to get bulkier body and chipped body. Exercise helps the body to improve and increase the flow of blood all round the body. When you get stressed, blood flow reduces or stops at certain part of the body like the skin that causes it to wrinkle. If you exercise more when streshe's, the blood flow increases and it also helps you to take your mind away from what's causing you stress, and bring your mind to the exercise. EXERCISES to involve in are jogging, walking, swimming. I would try to avoid weight lifting because when a person is not in the right frame of mind, you tend to add extra tension to the muscles and can cause workout injuries.

3. Meditation

We all know how meditation has been proven to help mental health. So, stretch your body, pose yourself in the meditation way and meditate, don't forget to breath.

4. Yoga

Try yoga poses of different stances. My favorite is the deal man pose. I can stay in that position for long and just drown away in my breathing edercise, while in that pose, I get to do the 5th practical step I will share.

5. Deal with the problem

Dealing with the problem begins with thinking which I do through the dead man pose, "planning is essential " Churchill. So I take my time through the dead man pose to think of the problem and plan ways to combat it.

After thinking of the problem, I pocked to action of dealing with the problem. I do what I plan and have faith that it's going to work for me.

Stress is injurious to the health. So, please, deal with it very soon. Stay healthy.


The Stress reliever things I do: 

= Going for a great message. Hello, it's been for a little while since I did that. Sticky note to self: book a back rub. 

= Going out for a stroll. My strolls are generally a hour long. =

= Better as yet, going on a walk'n talk date with a sweetheart. Face to face. Or then again on the telephone. 

= Viewing a motion picture that is light. Needless brutality/sex is out. 

= Contemplating. I like doing that while looking at nature. 

= Drinking a lot of water. Which reminds me, I have to get me a glass at the present time! 

= Tasting some Earl Gray tea. Not at all like a decent cuppa. 

= Moving/Listening to music. 

= Drawing kid's shows. 

= Composing an article. 

= Calling a companion. 

= Investing energy with family and companions. 

= Making sure to eat. Furthermore, when I eat, eating nutritious nourishment. I lose my craving when I feel pushed. So this is fundamental for me. 

= Cleaning up. I began doing that today. Beginning with my garments wardrobe/drawers. Off to the thrift shop I go! 

= Perusing a decent book. Which means, if my mind meanders before the finish of the primary part, I'm finished. Perusing an exhausting book is unpleasant. Who needs that? 

= Investigating. Making inquiries. I adore discovering some new information. 

= Also answering this inquiry was an extraordinary stress reliever! It was so fun :)


1....ensure that you Get enough sleep because the Sleep can really make a great enormous difference... when next have really have trouble sleeping, then just google the "sleep hygiene."...

2....ensure to Eat healthy......the kind of Foods which a person eats can really impact their actual experience of the tress and also the stress levels..so ensure you eat healthy foods.....

3...always ensure you you stay away from excess alcohol or also drugs (unless if drugs were actually prescribed to you by a doctor) as the actual effective means of dealing with the stress..


4....ensure that you do really stay so active physically daily(engage in excercises to stay fit),i cannot really deny how very important that is... There are some biological research which actually confirmed that as an effective therapy and and effective medication (but also comes free and it comes without any harmful side-effects)....

5...also learn to really spend quality time with other individuals and socialize.

Also ensure that you create enough time for yourself to really enjoy things of life... If you are actually so stressed simply because you are really working too much,then ensure that you work less...


There are a lot of practical steps to follow when one feels stressed. I am going to be sharing some major one I know. My practical steps for reducing stress are as follows:

• Take out time to hangout with friends and family.

• Eat a balanced diet

• Drink a lot of water

• See a movie

• Eat fruits

• Go swimming

• Play video games if you can. 

• Sleep at least for a period of 6 hours at night. If possible, observe siesta during the day.

When I feel stressed, I try the above I mentioned and there work for me. I hope there work for you too.




I sleep for a long period of time.

I drink alot of water.

I take chocolate if i have. It helps me when I'm stressed.

I eat food.

I watch American series to relax too.


The most effective way of reducing stress is "rest". Anytime your body is feeling stressed, it's mainly caused by over working of the body and lack of adequate rest. Give your body proper rest, eat healthy, drink lots of water and stay in a well ventilated environment and stress will always run from you.


we will not experience stress if there is no problem, someone is experiencing stress because he has a lot of burden in his life, or a big problem comes to him, or filled with school assignments, and each person must have their own criteria in reducing their stress .

and when we experience stress it means we lack rest, lack of vacation or so on.

and a powerful way to reduce stress is to do activities that entertain ourselves, or invite friends to take a vacation to a place, invite friends to entertain you, or you can swim, basically things that are about nature, or you can travel somewhere the place.

hopefully with my answer this can minimize the above questions.