What's your dream & What you are doing to complete that dream?

My dream was to buy the Elecraft KX2 or the KX3, but I lost interest in the amateur radio hobby in the last 2-3 months.

My current dream is to keep a Harris's Hawk. To make trust/bond and friendship with the bird. I already have the money for the bird. Nowadays I am saving money for building the aviary. Some other arrangements are also necessary to do this. This is probably a long term (multiple years) plan, but we will see.


My biggest dream is to be able to make people understand that the only key to happiness is sharing love.

You will tell me "I love my mother, my family, my friends", but that's not enough! As soon as we are in public we are like in our bubble with our loved ones, but the people around, it exists too! and you too can love them (some, many) How to learn new things without meeting new people? Google is enough a time except that google can not teach you love, respect, loyalty, mutual help ... etc

And how are you going to tell me ?!

People you find handsome on the street, tell them! the man who seems wise to you, go and talk to him; the old lady who needs help, help her; the person who seems depressed, suggest him to take her in your arms. I already hear you say "no but I do not do that". And explain me please why you do not do it? Your neighbor's mother is no more dangerous than yours, your best friend was one of those people you did not meet before!

This is human being, love, mutual help and sharing <3


my dream of being a nurse who contributed to the community. and to achieve all that I have to try hard to learn about health. now I'm doing education at the nursing health academy. when I have a diploma later, I will try hard to help all people so that all people get health and know about health. I really want to contribute to them. this is my dream.


I studied Electrical Engineering in school and I am also a professional musician. I am from Nigeria.

My Dream is to make sure my country gets to have steady power supply in a few years coming. It has been a great challenge to the society as we do not have constant power supply but I hope in a few years coming this will no longer be a problem.

I also have a dream of building an academy for talented musicians who do not have funds to produce their music. So I will have to work on a record label not a music school but I will be the one doing the final screening for artistes we sign annually.

I see the music talents hunting as a way of discovering young talents who have a bright future and also an avenue for exposing them to the world, make money for myself and for them too.

I am done with school so I am now looking for a job to keep me going. I am also into music and I am getting some funds from involving in music. That's how I am working towards achieving my dream. 


My dream is to get good at preventing and reducing suffering, and to ultimately eliminate suffering in the Universe.

I cannot eliminate suffering on earth by myself, much less the entire Universe, but I feel like mankind is the best species on the planet to take up such a quest.

If the first priority of every man (and woman) was to reduce suffering, I think we'd all be able to work together more effectively, and a foundation could be laid for the reduction and elimination of suffering on planet earth.

To get started, I am working to reduce suffering in my own life, and the life of my immediate family. I am also searching for ways to monetize and utilitize the natural tendencies that are inherent in my personality.

If I can use my natural tendencies to benefit myself, those around me + others, and make it a priority to prevent, reduce and eliminate suffering, I happen to believe that everything I think, say and do is one step closer to the cessation of suffering.


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