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Without citing Religious Books, how best can the question of God existence be answered?
Attempt to answer the question of God's existence via Holy Books is regarded as Fallacy of Petito Prinicipi - begging the question by philosophers. How best can the question be answered without using the holy book?

If we want to discuss God with out any religious text, then science cannot be injected either.  They are one in the same on different sides of the coin(My belief). We would have to leave the head space and move to matters of the heart.  From a deeply intuitive place and maybe you could even call this naive, but look around you.  Life in itself speaks to a higher power, serendipitous moments speak to a higher power, consciousness speaks to a higher power. 

We only know about 1% of all phenomenon in the world, maybe even less. How can we say that there is no existence of a higher power?  


Because we are in a constant state of DISCOVERY. This means the science and order we appreciate proceeded our existence.  The simple concept that ORDER comes out of CHAOS but not vise-versa is indicative of a higher intelligence. A good example of this is the law of entropy; that everything eventually breaks down (unless there is some higher intelligent order). The definition of  G-D does not have to be benevolent, or malevolent; only that creation is attributed to the creator (G-D) 


It is a very easy question to answer. And it starts with how you define a GOD?

If you define a GOD as super powerful omnipotent being who is responsible for everything that is happening, everything that has happened and everything that will happen. Then sorry there is no GOD.

But If you define God as a benevolent soul.  A being who will try to help you at the times of difficulty and guide you through tough times. Who listens to all your problems and give you the strength to go and tackle them. And sometimes when you feel like you've failed and all is lost he will still be there. 

You don't need religious book to find a GOD, He is a part of you :-)

PS : Please don't take my comment as a pro or against religion. I am just putting forth my personal view on GOD, with no intention of offending anyone.  


Your own experience and perception. God is not a trade mark of any religion and in fact IT is our ultimate essence. Nothing is and was ever out of GOD so why is there the need to talk about only from the perspective of a religion.

Yes religions, all of them have their purpose of guiding one to it's ultimate goal which is to realize that he/she and God are in essence one. However the practices through which every religion claims to achieve such state differ and it's natural ti be that way since we're all individuals.

Ultimately though only you can confirm God's existence through your own being and you don't need any book to to give such an answer. At least that's my opinion. 

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Starting from the birth itself, the life is a miracle. The existence of God may be professed by people of different religious faiths, using books and arguments based on scriptures and all but all this would seem to have no effect on people living close to nature and who have had no contact with such prophets. 

For them that are living in tune with nature and are illiterate, the proof that God exists is through such miracles like birth, the blossoming of flowers, rains, the first snowfall, rainbows and through the love of animals who are selfless. 

God is the voice from inside the heart of man. Follow the conscience and you shall be saved.