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Why don't you use upvote bots?
I've seen a number of accounts that can afford to use upvote bots(since they have high SPs) but they don't, what do you think is the reason? If you fall into this category, what's your reason?

I want to tell you the big secret to get an advantage to use upvote bots . The first one is you need to buy delegation steem or you can buy steen a lot. Why this is needed? Because you will set your account to use upvote bots like me.

Where you can get the advantage of that? You can get the advantage of the curation. Right now if you upvote someone in 15 minute after posting you will get the curation 25 % of the result of posting. For the example. If you upvote many posting 5% with your steem power 3300 steem power. You can upvote 5% to 30 people. Choice the people that daily receive the big upvote like @reseller. But note: after 15 minute. You will recieve 25 % of the result of posting.

For the example. If my posting got 20$. Maybe if you upvote 0.1 dollar you will get more 0.1 dollar after you curate 15 minutes.

This is how i use upvote bot


I think you are referring to bid bots? The upvote bots I know are those that don't require you to send money to be upvoted by them. PAL minniwsupport bot is an example of an upvote bot for all minnows. But bid bots are those bots that do require some bidding first before being upvoted. 

The last time I used an upvote bot was more than a month ago. I just got lazy. As for bid bots, I don't use them because they don't give any real ROI other than an illusion for everyone to see how valuable your post is. They cause harm to the steem ecosystem in general so best not to support it. 


I don't use Upvote Bots because I don't think there is any benefit for me. I mean, I realize that the posts that I can make are just standard, and not too special, so there might not be a response even though the post can enter Trending posts.

Well, besides that, there is no advantage in buying upvote like that, because STEEM prices continue to fluctuate, and maybe the value we give actually drops during payout.


I don't use them because they have negative ROI on most all of them and then to top it off once they vote they take almost all the curation rewards and leave your actual followers with almost no $ in return for following and suporting you.