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Wouldn't it be nice if musing sometimes answer some musing related questions?
what do you think?

This platform is not for Musing staff to answer questions. I know it would be nice hear the answer from them but this is not the place.

However, you can ask them on Discord. I've seen users asking questions ans someone always answers. They are here for us, they listen to suggestions, so you can have a conversation with them if you feel like it on Discord. 


For questions regarding Musing and Musing policy, terms of service, community guidelines, you should get them straight from the horses mouth.

There are propper channels to do it.

Think of it as customer service.

Here's Musing discord address, get connected.



Sometimes they really do answer a question. The last time they answered a question was 3 months ago. The first was 7 months ago. Sometimes they even ask a question. They currently have 9 answers and 18 questions.


I don't think that is possible. the first reason, because there are thousands of questions available. it is impossible for musing to answer everything. second, musing does not have much time to answer questions even if only a few. because musing is certainly busy analyzing questions and answers from other people.

and if if musing answers a number of questions from other people, it is unfair for people who are not given answers by musing. therefore in my opinion it is impossible to answer other people's questions even though there are only a few questions.