Do you think that all girls should be self-reliant?

Self reliance is very important for a person to have generally. In reality, nobody can be totally self reliant but to a large extent every individual needs to possess some degree to self reliance.

This is equally very important for ladies knowing that they have a very vital role to play in building the family and the society at large.

Self reliance builds confidence, enables her be able to pursue her dreams which will go a long way in her overall development. It will also earn her respect among men and shows that she can build a home when provided with resources as she is already doing with her own resources.


For a minute… let us keep aside gender...… .. self-reliance is fundamental for each and every one of us... One must act naturally reliant. Other shrewd life wont be in their control.

It would resemble sitting in the driver seat and letting others to drive. It prompts catastrophes. The person who takes the driver situate needs to drive. Moreover one needs to drive his own life.

For that one needs to take his own choices and suppositions about circumstances and arrangements. Consequently one ought to act naturally needy. Not just for a young lady. It is must for every one.


Yes by all means! Otherwise they will not survive or persist in this world. And no illusions here...it is still a mans world full of misogyny and injustice.