What are the characteristics of a true leader?

Now leaders can be found in any life sector and a spiritual leader could be very different from a sports leader but generally the have some common characteristics that makes them leaders whether we are talking about business leaders, spiritual ones and so on. I tried to compile some of the characteristics that I think a person that is a great leader would have and hope you will find them accurate or at least interesting. Here are some of them:

Empathy. No matter what leader you are you need to know very well the people you are leafing and to feel them. Sometimes employees or members of a group of persons lead by a prominent person don't always share what they feel and think by any type of reason we can imagine, but a string person and especially a leader will always feel that through empathy and will be able to help these people and help his group grow and become stronger.

Outstanding courage. You can't be a leader if you don't have enough courage. Every peak that needs to be climbed demands a lot of courage and leaders in my opinion are also defined by an outstanding courage. To start a business from scratch and to go against the wind or to create a spiritual movement for example one need to have a lot of courage because there will be a lot of challenges and there is no sense in giving up. 

Good oriented. Any true leader that comes to my mind and is worthy of following is good oriented. Not only for his benefits and income but also for his members of the group and it's simply to figure out why. If you are doing good and wish the best for yourself but the ones working for you and lead by you are doing bad things won't work. People will quit and will leave you. But if you think for the good of others also and not only for yourself you will definitely have people around you to rely on and everyone will be motivated. 

Positive Mindset. In my opinion you can't even become a leader if you don't have a positve mindset and an attitude for success. Leaders are not loosers. They plan, they trust their plan, they go out and they pursuit their plan no matter what. All of the time they do that and no matter how hard the road is all they have in their mind is the finish line and the fact that they will succeed. There is no room for doubt in a leaders mind or failure. 

Sacrifice. Nothing comes easy and in my opinion no leader has become one by watching TV all day or playing games and browsing social media. In order to become and maintain yourself as a leader you need to make sacrifices. You need to sacrifice your free time, your will, some of your hobbies or activities that make you pleasure and very often you need to sacrifice your ego. Things don't go very often as we always plan and wish and for accomplishing them we need to make some sacrifices and leaders need to make even bigger ones. 

A good sense of humor. Life is a play after all, no matter how serious we take it sometime and getting too serious and forgetting to laugh once in a while will not make us happier or greater personalities. No matter what type of leader have I seen or at least heard speaking I always noticed that he/she had a good sense of humor. They always see the fun part or the comic part as well as the serious ones. Sometimes they laugh at their own mistakes and sometimes they laugh at their people but they always learn something from that.

Never stop learning. No matter how great of a master or leader one is there is always room for improvement. There is always new technology coming in our lives. There is always new knowledge that needs to be absorbed and in my opinion most of the leaders never stop learning. They read very often, get informed in any way and keep on learning new things that help them and their group of people. 

I could have continued and write some more characteristics that come to my mind for a great leader but these are the ones that I consider the most important ones. Hope that you will find my answer interesting and wish you a great day. 


A true leader needs to be :

Imaginative : He should have a vision. The way he see things is very critical for someone who leads a group mainly because the initial idea and implementation instruction mostly comes from him. He should visualize the possible outcomes if this will be done, that will be done. In short, he has precognitive abilities.

Empathy : He should feel how his members feel. A true leader has the sense of feeling of his subordinates. He needs to handle the emotional and social attention of his members for a greater bond and closer relationship.

Good in Time Management : Time management is important for a work to be done accordingly. If a leader doesn't know more about how to effectively handle his time and his members time, more of it will likely to be a waste. That will also dictate the intensity of work to be done and how much urgency a certain thing needs to be done.

Lastly, I should say 

Living Example : He should emphasize and example of how to do things, how to act accordingly and become a role model to his members on what should be done. 


Very important question I think the first and main step for good leader is that he should have good heart and clean mind.he should have sympathetic behaviour toward his people.

On other hand good leader should have the quality to handle the issues and problems of his people.it depends on his qualities his people will be happy from him.

If a person is a leader of some people or a group of some communities or a country he should have quality of bearing and handling the problems.he should be enough wealthy because today here are most of the problems which can be solved through money.a leader should be educted both religious and modern.

I think if you are leading a country you should know all the issues of your country.you should be enough educted to solve national and international problems.he should be loyal.he should not be selfish.he should have the strong support of his people.


Good question Nancybriti, luckily I made a post answering this question I will gladly share with you right now.

Leaders are givers 

Leaders are honest

Leaders take action

Leaders work with vision (why they do what they do)

Leaders are givers

Excellent leaders understand the concept of giving, when you give you subject yourself to receive, like Karma, it comes back to you in different ways.

A lot of people carry on the misconception that you only give when you give money, that is bad thinking.

You can give your time

Your can give your assistance

You can teach/motivate

Amongst others...

When you dont give, you block avenues for yourself to receive, holding on to what you have does no one any good, not even yourself.

Leaders are honest

When the credibility of a leader is questionable, then that person is not a real leader. Real leaders keep their words, demonstrate sincerity, lead by their values, and are ruled by their principles. Effective leaders know the value of honesty and they adhere strictly to it

Leaders take action

Leadership is nothing without action. Leaders are required to make decisions happen—not necessarily make all the decisions, but to ensure they happen.

They either create avenues for communication to empower others to reach a strategic conclusion or they do it themselves. They focus on “making things happen” at all times

Leaders work with vision

Every leader knows why they do what they do, are you a leader? Do you know why you're doing what you're doing ?

What are your main goals?

What do you want to achieve?

The answers supplied are also very intelligent, I hope you can take a cue from here and there to satisfy your answer.

Have a good day.